Causeway conundrum

There are, so far, more questions than answers surrounding the still-unfolding story of the Causeway Visitors Centre and it’s not clear what worth, if any, there is in Coleraine Borough Council unanimously voting to “keep the proposed visitor’s centre at the Giant’s Causeway in public hands” – a motion seconded by DUP mayor Maurice Bradley. Then there’s the entire back-story, from the fire in 2000 which destroyed the previous centre, to the Moyle UUP councillor William Graham’s last-minute motion to stop the sale of council land in 2002, to the management plan announced in 2005 – in response to a UNESCO report [pdf file]. And what happened to the “potential sources of funding available to rebuild the centre to the council” outlined in 2002 by then-DETI minister Sir Reg Empey? And what role has the National Trust, and Moyle Council, played? The Causeway isn’t going anywhere.. but that doesn’t explain why it’s taken so long to make such little progress on this project. Adds The Giant’s Causeway and Causeway Coast WHS management plan is available here – in summary and in full [both pdf files] And there was an action plan [pdf again]..