“Could you blow it up or knock it down?”

This has been languoring in my Hotmail in box for weeks..

  • TheTrolls
  • humour crossing the divide.. magic
    Gay John from Belfast http://youtube.com/watch?v=98srBgxcL5s
    sorry can’t get hyperlinks to work.

  • This is Dublin-based 98FM’s resident phone prankster Little Becky. Not as good as Channel 4’s Fonejacker though…

  • joeCanuck

    It certainly had me chuckling. Great spoof.

  • Comrade Stalin

    There’s a whole bunch of similar pranks here.

    The actor playing the little kid is pretty damn good.

  • the pranksters across the pond we’re doing stuff like this years ago; one idea was to download
    genuine sound-clip from movies , and the trick is to call someone and have a conversation by just hitting the sound files instead of actually talking.
    One of the best ones I heard was a phone-call to a drunk guy from a phony Arnold Schwarzenegger ago.

    The language gets a bit colorful, but it really is quite an art form to press the right buttons in the right order to try to make the conversation as realistic as possible:
    probably not so hard with this poor pissed fella

  • Comrade Stalin

    Ah, it never crossed my mind they were using soundboards. I stand corrected.

    Unlike the Arnie ones, it sounds like they probably get the kid to speak the lines they are likely to encounter in advance. They’ve done a really smooth job of it though. Mind you, the whole conversation has probably been edited to make it sound more realistic.

    One of my favourite all-time prank calls is this one involving Mr. T.

  • comrade, funny lol
    yeah the kid is good, real quick, with lines provided for sure. Hey have you come across the jerky boys, they started the whole thing, my favorite was sol rosenberg, plenty of clips on youtube too. side splitting

  • Comrade Stalin

    yeah the kid is good, real quick, with lines provided for sure.

    Probably not that quick in real life, I’d say it’s been edited.

  • can’t have been edited too much ,as being a real-time conversation, you have to keep the flow to be as natural as possible.
    perhaps the lines we’re written.. now that’s more likely.

    psst I once pranked ATW as “sol rosenberg” for a few days, written replies of course, using as many of the classic phrases in the original that I could get away with. I had such a laugh 😉