Ireland versus Namibia…

Ireland fans are singing in the team in Bordeaux… you can follow it on Five Live, or on line here. Namibia are the lowest ranking team in the finals…

  • Mick Fealty

    Unnecessary spill from Hickie… is he hurt?

  • Ireland are hardly setting the field on fire. Namibia are quite feisty. Let’s see how the second half goes…

  • Frank Sinistra

    They aren’t looking too hot but hopefully form will arrive at the right time. At least they are heading steadily toward the bonus point.

  • jone

    Jesus wept, this is grim.

  • inuitg

    Very grim, the Namibians just got a 2nd try…

  • inuitg

    If France and Argentina put 60 points past these guys, then even if we beat Argentina we dont go through unless we also beat France.


  • inuitg

    Though none of the home nations have exactly set the world alight so far…

  • Fraggle

    Woeful. The way it’s going now, Namibia (who?) could win.

  • jone

    On this form we’ll be battered by Argentina, let alone France.

  • jone

    Strings is having an utter shocker.

  • esmereldavillalobos

    This is pretty hard to watch.

  • moochin photoman

    Talk about a bad day at the office
    Feckin dreadful …… many unforced errors and yup Stringer is having a mare

  • moochin photoman

    and as for D’Arcy did he actually hold onto the ball once during the game?

  • gulp… where did teams go back to before the drawing board was invented?
    positively, maybe Ireland have all the embarrassing stuff out of the way now.. it can only be pressure like France had; but we won & got the 5pts, so now have to beat Argentina and France.

  • Dewi

    Something odd with the ball or the light perhaps ? Never seen so many dropped balls…Lyn Jones on S4C says the worst Irish performance he’s ever seen…almost as bad as us v Canada….

  • Mick Fealty

    Okay, good side: maximum points. The team looked up for something. Namibia were more disruptive than you might have thought, but then early on is when you expect them to do their worst. Great defensive performance from Namibia. Good for world rugby!!

    Down side: France should take many more points of them than we did next Sunday. Lot’s of unforced errors, but hey, we’ve not had the best of preparation. Let’s not get too down on this. ITV presenter think our number eight is called David!!

    Really down side: Only Australia and NZ seem capable of taking these lower teams apart. Denis Hickie did not look happy.

  • Mick Fealty


    your comments earlier today be noted down and used against you at a later date… 😉

  • esmereldavillalobos

    Yup Parcifal, job done, points in the bank, move on. Surely they can’t play any worse than that.

  • you got me there Mick, feel like a right plonker 🙂

    esmerelda shurely not indeed, am glad I didn’t see tonite’s game, just heard it on the radio, ducking under the duvet for last quarter.

  • Stephen

    This was the worst Irish performance I have seen in about 10 -12 years. Still, it was a win, not a great one but a win.

    I do think that Stringer and Darcy should be dropped for at least the start of the next game, they were abysmal, with errors and no thought in their play. O’Driscoll looked wooden and unfit. Is it too late to ask Keith Woods to come out of retirement?

  • Prince Eoghan


    You can get a freeview box for 20 quid these days. Considering that so many games will be on ch4 plus or whatever it’s called, it might be a worthwhile investment.

    Just first game blues, the Namibians *ahem* mostly SA’s were no mugs!

  • merrie

    Looking at the results I see that Australia (91 to 3 Japan) and South Africa (59 to 7 Samoa) are taking no hostages.

    When do Oz and SA play Ireland? Maybe Ireland will do fine against Japan…

  • Dewi

    Just seen highlights of SA v Samoa…that Habana an astonishing athlete…SA in the frame methinks.
    Merrie – Oz and SA not in Ireland’s group. Will only play if they get through….

  • caulfield

    What a terrible weekend of sport. First the football (both countries) and then this. We were unbelievably bad tonight. I’m not sure that we can turn it round – in truth we havent played well for a year. I hope I’m wrong.

  • páid

    I’d advise Gordon D’Arcy not to feel his balls tonight.

    They’d end up bouncing around the floor.

  • Ed


    the ITV commentary is completely useless. Setanta is much better, although i think the matches are blocked off if you’re viewing in GB?

  • Intelligence Insider

    Awful performance from Ireland tonight. When you look at how the all blacks beat an italian side that we were very lucky to beat the other week it doesn’t instill much confidence.

  • IJP


    The Walker Cup was pretty woeful too!

    Bring on Monday!

  • abucs

    If Ireland can beat France they are through – you’d think.

    Looking ahead for Northern Hemisphere rugby it looks tough, the Kiwi’s and Aussies look like they are well prepared.

    But if someone sticks it to them, it could all change pretty quickly.

    The English beat the Aussies last time and the Irish went very close as well. Both games in Oz.
    The Welsh gave the Kiwi’s a good go as well last world cup. (If i remember rightly).

    But fair play to the Southern Hemisphere. They certainly looked well drilled and prepared in the opening games.

  • Donnacha

    By far the worst winning performance in the competition so far. Five points isn’t enough to take from games like this. They need to get a sizeable points differential as well, because it is quite possible that that will decide who advances of Argentina, France and Ireland. But Ireland should stop trying to play an expansive running game against insanely committed defence when the Irish players are physically incapable of holding onto the ball. They should have taken it up the middle, phase after phase and worn out the Namibians. Oh hang on, they tried that as well. And failed. Full credit to the Namibians, but Ireland made it easy for them tonight.

  • Alan

    Yes, this was very hard to watch. Hickie and D’Arcy ran into trouble every time – away from support. You can tell that the team are still lacking match practice – too many eyes off the ball.

    The positive side is that they were looking for the next pass, rather than just dropping it. The whole thing will come together, but we need a change ( indeed we needed a change in the back line on 60 last night, but didn’t get it ).

  • Frustrated Democrat

    This is a team over the hill, Stringer hasn’t had a decent game in ages, Hickie should have stayed at home, where was Wallace?, O’Gara believed he was a world class player he wasn’t and isn’t, D’Arcy what can you say?, why bring on P. Wallace with 30 seconds left?, O’Driscoll didn’t provide any leadership.

    Boss and N. Best should start the next game, but will it make any real difference?

  • bollix

    really awful stuff from ireland.

    i don’t think hickie has it in him any longer. he missed a couple of easy passes. only one could be explained from having just taken a big hit. he is no longer sharp enough. i noticed against italy, he could have made a relatively easy pass for a good chance of a score but elected to take it himself and failed. He was a good player, but he just doesn’t quite have it at the moment and should be dropped from the team.
    Who is there that can play on the wing? If horgan is still injured, is there any switching around that can be done to give us an extra winger?

    But just so dissappointing, to be pushed by minnows. A basically full strength squad which allows namibia to physically challenge them and let in 2 tries. If we play like that against france or argieland, we are stuffed.

  • barnshee

    Where is Catriona Ruane when she is needed– “bring them home” campaign needed before they are embarassed further.
    Get out and form a section division now

  • Yokel

    I wouldnt panic.

    Will Ireland beat France. No because I expect the French to be like a bear with a sore head.

    Will Ireland beat Argentina? Possibly though it looks tight.

    The problem is the points for column but a win against Argentina should make it academic.

  • nmc

    There are positives to be had from this. It’s far from over, we can only progress from here. Shite game (for us) all the same.

  • Congal Claen

    Fek, after that performance perhaps the Republic should think of forming an all island Ireland rugby team ;0)

  • Alan Anderson

    In the words of Millie from Glen Roe “well holy gad”

    Oh my what was Hickey at butter fingers never seen anything like it. Whys Flanery playing he ads nothing to the pack, O garas kicking was like he had 4 bottles of Bordeaux wine before he lined out.

    OK tho positive lads, on our day we can beat France, we need to get it right NOW!!!