UDA running into funding face off over guns?

Assistant Chief Constable Peter Sheridan told the Policing Board yesterday there is “no prospect of early decommissioning” by the UDA. With Social Development Minister Margaret already cutting into under untilised community budgets in Loyalist areas, it looks like she may be preparing the ground for cutting the planned £1.2 million once destined for the UDA. As Pete reported earlier, the price (as it often is in such circumstances) is one of a decidedly indeterminate nature:
Jackie McDonald:

“Whenever they’re afforded all the luxuries that Sinn Féin and the IRA were afforded, and they’re given some of the things that the IRA got, then perhaps it could be at the horizon but it’s not on the radar at the minute.”

Much rides on this stand off for a minister, left largely on her own by her Executive colleagues. But there is a view in some quarters that the UDA is not simply overplaying its hand, but playing it too late to profit from a protracted negotiation on this or, indeed, any future funding.

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  • An Lochlannach

    Can anyone explain to me how people can appear as spokespeople for the UDA, be identified openly with various UDA factions etc. when the UDA remains an illegal organization? A naive question maybe, but it strikes me that even the old figleaves of ‘close to loyalist thinking’ and ‘supplies political direction to’ have been dropped recently in some media interviews.

  • young fella

    …….stick it to’em margaret.
    Absolute scumbags,stick it to them!

  • Rory

    It might be helpful at this juncture if Mr McDonald was willing to name the price at which he would be willing to ditch his,er, ‘principles’.

  • Sean

    I am confused

    I see on here people like the UDA on here claiming that the IRA has been paid off to essentially quit violence, but other than the shoutings of terrorists and their sympathisers I have never seen anything anywhere that the IRA recieved money6 from the government! So could somebody educate me about these so called payments to the IRA? Cause as far as I can see the only thing the IRA revieved in payment from the government was in murder, torture and illegal incarceration

  • Chris Donnelly

    “With Social Development Minister Margaret already cutting into under untilised community budgets in Loyalist areas”


    Can you provide any backing for this assertion? You would appear to be alleging that the Minister is somehow targeting loyalist communities for budget cuts- a serious allegation.

    Of course, the irony is that it was this precise type of funding, alongside that provided as a result of the ‘Taskforce’ on protestant working class areas- argued for by unionist politicians- which introduced the practice of government funding along explicitly sectarian grounds (as opposed funding according to objective criteria.) How’s that for shared future planning…..

    Another irony remains that Sinn Fein has refused to call for the funding for these areas to be pulled precisely because it would enable unionist politicians and loyalists to claim republicans were ‘bashing the prods’ The issue of disarming and decommissioning the loyalist paramilitary mindset and organisation is much more important than that.