“building a shared future that is not overshadowed by the events of the past”

Having consulted with some interested parties [but not necessarily all interested parties – Ed] the Eames/Bradley group are now looking for contributions from the public. They also have a new website [under construction, natch – Ed]. The Belfast Telegraph provides the contact details – Written submissions can be sent to the secretary to the group, 20 Adelaide Street, Belfast, BT2 8GD or by email to secretary[at]cgpni[dot]org And from the Irish Times [subs req]

“Working together we can help ensure that we move towards a society that has not forgotten the past but, equally, does not allow it to be a barrier to a shared future. If you or your group have a perspective on the past, the lessons to be learned, and, importantly, suggestions on the steps that might be taken to support Northern Ireland society in the future, we would urge you to make those views known to us.”

The group is hoping to issue recommendations by the summer of next year “on steps that might be taken to support Northern Ireland society in building a shared future that is not overshadowed by the events of the past”.

Here’s a suggestion, again – Take the bull by the horns. And the sooner the better.


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  • joeCanuck

    Will you be making an “official” submission Pete or is that none of my business?

  • IJP

    A strongly personal view…

    … Eames/Bradley were not asked to promote a “Shared Future”.

    A “Shared Future” is a political debate, opposed by 99 of the 108 members of the Assembly.

    I happen to support the 9, but it is a dangerous precedent when yet again we see Government-appointed groups trying to pursue a political goal, particularly one that the people have not voted for.

    I want to have, and to win, the “Shared Future” debate. But I want to do it democratically, by will of the people of NI, not by dint of some colonial-style appointments.

    Eames/Bradley must stick to what they were asked to do. There’s quite enough there for them.

  • glad you dropped the reference to poison!

  • IJP


    Actually I think ‘poisoned’ describes our society personally.

    For reference, it’s not mine. It was brought up by a (Southern) member of the Boards of one of the cross-border bodies: “It’s poisoned, this society, isn’t it?”

    I’ve never seen any evidence to the contrary, but I’d be delighted to see some!

  • yes IJP but what I reject is the idea that the posion is “out there” as peteb suggests over and over. the poison is in the hearts and minds of the people; and those that most loudly shout, are the quietest to hold up that same mirror to themselves.

  • IJP

    Got you, parcifal.

    I think you’re probably right.