Martin’s strange addiction to talks…

Mark Steel reckons the secret talks with the Iraqis may have some unintended consequences:

…there’s a danger it could be counterproductive, because McGuinness and the Unionists might say to the Iraqis: “Your main problem is you’ve been at it for only four years, you need another 26, at least. So we’ve set out a schedule – in a couple of years, one lot needs to kidnap a horse, then have a hunger strike, then there needs to be a period when Al-Sadr is only allowed on television if his words are read out by an actor – we can provide him, the poor bloke’s been out of work since 1996, then there’s a ceasefire, some dodgy marches, one side has to bury its guns, then you all drink tea together, laughing in a hotel in 2033.”

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