BBC taking the urine?

From the BBC NI website

That highlighted text in full

NI politics blog

Mark Devenport takes a urinary track around Belfast

And I know that the post being referred to includes the line

“Finally, the new extension to the Grand Opera House leaves something to be desired (guide – “it looks like a big urinal”).”

but still..


  • Shore Road Resident

    Perhaps the Devenport blog has failed to show enough respect to the Shinners, [we’re in the humour category – edited moderator]

  • Dawkins

    Urine has always had a bad press.

    Stephen Fry had a great line one year when presenting the Baftas. “Time, like a full bladder,” he said, “is pressing heavily on us.”

  • Rory

    There’s been a trend in and around London in recent years to convert disused Victorian public toilets into – restuarants. Chic or shit? You might well ask.

    There is one in the park opposite my daughter’s place in St Albans and the food there used to be really good but in the past year the place has really gone downhill and can now best be described as – pisspoor!

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Vague recollection: Wasn’t the underground toilet in Shaftebury Square supposed to have been converted into a restaurant?

  • Rory

    I can’t say, Gonzo. I’m afraid I don’t get “up West” much anymore, my days as a boulavardier are fast fading. There was Ward’s Irish House in Piccadilly Circus which was a pretty famous underground pub, popular with journalists, actors and Irish navvies, that certainly could well have been a public toilet at one time – the walls were covered in public toilet tiling and there was ever that indefinable odour mingling with the Guinness and whiskey and tobacco fumes. God, how we loved it!

  • Am I right in saying that there is a vague by-law still in force in Northern Ireland, whereby if one relieves oneself in the street, no arrest can take place as long as one raises one’s right hand and cries “RELIEF! RELIEF!”.

  • joeCanuck

    Damn it. I use my right hand to shake.

  • Dawkins

    I read once that a chap is within the law when he pisses against the wheel of his car. Seems it dates from the time of horse-drawn carts. The parts of a wheel: hub, axle etc, could overheat and slow it down, so a quick whizz would remedy that.

    Also — same source: my fallible memory — the chap doing the whizzing would use his hand to shield his manhood from passersby, including ladies of delicate sensibilities. So if you happen to see a chap manumitting that way, there’s a good chance his ancestors were carters.

  • Dev

    Vague recollection: Wasn’t the underground toilet in Shaftebury Square supposed to have been converted into a restaurant?

    Posted by Belfast Gonzo on Aug 31, 2007 @ 11:49 AM

    There’s a club where I live in Shephers Bush located in an underground toilet like that one in Shaftesbury sq., if they do something similar in Belfast they should call it ‘The Flush’.