Irish Language Act will cost too much?

Interestingly the proposed Irish Language Act featured in a speech by William Logan Sovereign Grand Master of the least political of the three main loyal institutions, the Royal Black Institution last Saturday in Bangor. No great fan of the Martin and Ian show, he landed a few barbed comments in that direction, labelling it a “cosy and insidious arrangement” is dangerous because it may lead to “many slow, incremental and subtle changes which would go unnoticed and unchallenged”.Then he turns his attention to the said Act (still yet to emerge as a bill):

“An interesting part of that agenda is the increasing pressure to introduce dual language legislation. Consider for a moment the enormous cost involved in implementing such a system with dual language road signs and documentation having to be printed in two languages. This money required would be better spent on improving and upgrading essential services such as hospitals, general health service and the roads and water infrastructure.”