Bank holiday blogging and airport security…

CALLS have been made for another Bank Holiday for the UK, which doesn’t have any between the summer and Christmas. After all, it might help the new PM in his quest to build a British identity. The Scots are less worried about a holiday to celebrate ‘community heroes’ than they are about taking a St Andrew’s Day off. (Could our Assembly not give us St Paddy’s off?!) But if you’re flying today, spare a thought for poor Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams, who wrote in g2 last week about his problems with US airports’ ‘random’ checks. Poor Gerry seems to be singled out more than most people who have never been in a terrorist organisation. Bless! Thank goodness he has the patience of a saint. Liked this extract: “You must be Irish,” he [man behind luggage desk] said. “You look like that guy, Adams.” “I know,” I said. “He’s always getting me into trouble.”

  • Prince Eoghan

    Poor Gerry indeed Gonzo!

    Methinks that your sentiments are not entirely sympathetic.

    Don’t fancy Gerry’s experiences much;

    >>we have been body searched three times.<

  • Prince Eoghan

    BTW we will definitely be getting a St. Andrews day public holiday here in Scotland, long overdue. As for a day to celebrate British heroes, it seems Gordon Brown is drowning not waving. Pointless exercise to ingratiate himself with the English, who when things invariably go wrong will for the most part blame the Jock.

    Big Ian should help build bridges by having a public holiday for Ireland’s patron saint forthwith.

  • Rory

    If we are to have a holiday to celebrate British heroes may I put in the first plug for a holiday to honour the memory of the late William Donaldson, spendthrift, drunk, drug-addict, all round degenerate and author of The Henry Root Letters. Now that’s the kind of British hero I admire.