“The organisation will not tolerate decommissioning especially for £1.2m”

Regular commenter joeCanuck emailed to remind me that the story of the not-so-good-after-all UDA hasn’t gone away.. as evidenced by this report in the Belfast Telegraph on Thursday – and Brian Rowan has his own analysis of his report here. The substance of the report is the un-asked-for advice to the Social Development Minister – “The UPRG can only tell her so much. She could go straight to the leadership.” – and to the Chief Constable, Hugh Orde – “If he knows who they are [that criminal element], then he should remove them, and if he doesn’t know who they are, then he shouldn’t be saying it.” – from the de facto leader of the UDA, Jackie McDonald. And, I’m sure the Chief Constable will do just that.. after speaking to those who have influence, that is.. and provided it doesn’t interfere with someone else’s Process™.. Adds this UTV report And this report