“The poison accumulates in the system.” – redux

After meeting with Lord Stevens in London recently the Eames/Bradley group were in Armagh today, along with former Finnish president and arms inspector Martti Ahtisaari and former Drumcree mediator Brian Currin, to meet with the PSNI’s Historical Enquiries Team and, according to the BBC report, they’ll be meeting with the Human Rights Commission soon [that might be an interesting encounter – Ed]. No word on meetings with others yet.. but since they’ll be seeking views on dealing with the past from individuals and groups here’s a reminder of what’s already been said – Take the bull by the horns. And the sooner the better.

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  • The Truth is…

    We are the poison.

  • Pete Baker

    [you] Speak for yourself..

  • Cromwell

    I am the remedy.( Thats from “Poison” by the Prodigy is’nt it?)

  • Nevin

    “Mr Bradley rejected claims that the new committee was anything other than all-inclusive. He said that both he and Lord Eames “have repeatedly said that we have a blank-sheet approach to this. That includes the two governments, all the parties both North and South, and all the paramilitary groups. Everyone should contribute.”” … Church Times

    It seems likely that Bradley, sometime buddy of Martin (IRA Code of Honour) McGuinness, will be keeping his own sheet blank:

    [Bradley] said: “At that particular time I was a Catholic priest.

    “Many people spoke to me about many things; people from the Provisional IRA, people from the Official IRA, people from the British Army, people from the RUC.

    “Most of it would have been confidential and I would have considered it confessional and I would not be in a position to actually say what they told me.”

  • parcifal

    “We are the poison” precisely, and its those that think they aren’t that are the worst.
    Perhaps a witch-doctor would be the best help, one who can suck out the poison in the blood.