Irony-free zone ahead

Supernaturalist condemns.. supernaturalists… oh, and gamblers.. [and, of course, Amnesty International – Ed]. To paraphrase, Archbishop Brady calls for ‘return to the One True Superstition Church’ Adds Full speech here [pdf file]

People who put their trust in horoscopes, astrology and mediums lack trust in God and are “colluding with an illusion”, a senior Catholic churchman said today.

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  • James

    Can someone please post the story about Cuan Mhuire closure.. its on

    This is a serious story which will represent significant impacts to both local health services, addicts and their families..

  • Rory

    I find myself a little more concerned about those sad, lonely individuals who put their trust in telescopes. That’s no way to get girl for a Saturday night date.

    But maybe that’s all part of God’s grand design to prevent them procreating and passing on their desperate obsession.

  • snakebrain

    That’s a bit cruel Rory.

    It was nicely (and unintentionally) ironic though. “Colluding with an illusion”, hee hee..

  • Obscure Reference

    I think you’re confusing astrology and astronomy Rory.

    Astrology survives because Christianity embraced it with one hand while condemning it with another.

    The animus against astrology is thought by (some) scholars to be an effort to prevent followers from finding out that the Bible is largely an astrological text loaded with astrological imagery and allegories. Nothing unusual about that – all the major religions are founded on solar theology.

    At one time Catholic sailors were forbidden from looking at the stars – necessary for their livelihood; meanwhile many Churches and Cathedrals, like Notre Dame in Paris, have numerous astrological symbols, zodiacs and so on, as their priests and bishops and popes and whathaveye were private adepts.

  • Yokel

    No football thread?

    Perhaps deliberate and a good idea I suppose.

    Anyway congrats to NI on a job done and ROI, jesus (a religious reference appropriate to teh thread), what a blinding result. 4 goals against the Danes is good business is anyones language.

    I just wish I had bet on them as I was inclined to do this morning. I just didnt know what Stan squad would turn up tonight but they answered that alright.

  • Jamie Gargoyle

    Lots of people enjoy astrology without taking it too seriously or letting it interfere with their day-to-day lives – shame more people don’t take the same attitude to religion…

  • Rory

    “I think you’re confusing astrology and astronomy Rory. ”

    Nope, Obscure Reference, I weren’t. But you have possibly been confusing irony with literalism.

    I should also beware of an easy acceptance that Catholic sailors were at one time forbidden to look at the stars and wonder how on earth such a restriction might be thought to have been applied or, indeed how it might have been received.

    Belief systems whether scientific, religious or hocus-pocus don’t mean shit in a tight situation. An Iroquois with no knowledge of the scientific law of gravity may walk sublimely on slim girders high above the traffic crowded concrete of New York. I, on the other hand with all that knowledge, get dizzy if I go out with a tall girl. Go figure.

  • Pete Baker

    Let’s keep the off-topic comments, and the ad hominem ones, to a minimum.

  • Dawkins

    It should be obvious that the archbish is trying to share in some of the astrology action. It’s big business and he recognizes this:

    “Tragically this has become a whole industry in Ireland — on the internet, on premium telephone lines, on digital television, in the newspapers and even at family parties! People who spend money on these pursuits would have more influence on the future if they gave their money to those in need.”

    Those in need being perhaps the leaders of his own Church, which is taking many a hit in the face of encroaching secularism and the revulsion generated by a raft of child-raping priests.

    I’m waiting for an astrologer to respond by telling Brady he’s peddling illusions, and should ensure that a large portion of the Vatican’s obscene wealth be given to the poor.

  • me_me

    Everbody going to church is “colluding with an illusion”…

  • Dawkins


    I believe this is what Pete meant with “Irony-free zone ahead” :0)

  • esmereldavillalobos

    Pete, well he would say that wouldn’t he? To say otherwise would be akin to “Cameron in ‘Vote Brown!’ shocker” or turkeys jumping into the oven at yule, no?

  • nmc

    Dawkin’s @ 1:29

    Good point and well made.

  • gram

    I know it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle.. but really he does have a valid point.
    Astrology, its just science for the stupid.

  • Dawkins

    A bit like Intelligent Design, you might say :0)

  • Astrology: based on movement of planets…whoops retrograde Pluto ain’t a planet…but then again it was discovered after astology kicked off; as were Uranus (no sniggering in the back!) etc; which are the apparent reason why my stars are never right! (BTW: significant numbers of sun sign astrology charts were changed in NI papers by sub editors that didn’t like what the astrologer had said about their day ahead…don’t know if this is still going on, but it was when I last did shifts on news/subs desks a few years back…)