Executive tensions..

Sinn Féin MLA [and MP – Ed], Conor Murphy, has now joined his party colleague, Alex Maskey, and another SF member of the Northern Ireland Executive, Michelle Gildernew, in criticising the Minister for Social Development, the SDLP’s Margaret Ritchie, over her handling of the issue of funds for that UPRG project – although, as the BBC’s Mark Devenport pointed out on 1 June, “her basic message [even then was] ‘Your money or Your Guns!’)”. That message will, undoubtedly, be tested as the 60-day deadline approaches. Meanwhile, the silence from other Executive Ministers is also worth noting. Particularly when, as Lindy McDowell pointed out in the Belfast Telegraph, the underlying problem is a result of the apparently ongoing Process™ – which the UDA’s de facto leader, Jackie McDonald is all too aware of.. Adds Just a quick note of this report – “The Ulster Political Research Group (UPRG) is blaming criminal elements and is calling for the police to resolve the situation.”