Keano lambasts WAGs’ hold over players…

IRISH football legend Roy Keane reckons players’ wives and girlfriends are exercising too much influence over their careers. After failing to sign certain players for Sunderland, Keane lamented: “These so-called big stars are people we are supposed to be looking up to. Well they are weak and soft. If they don’t want to come because their wife wants to go shopping in London it’s a sad state of affairs.” He added: “It is not a football move, it is a lifestyle move and those are the type of people you don’t want at your club. It is not a problem for me but it is a fact. To me, that player is weak because his wife runs his life. That happens at the big clubs as well. I could name four big players and clearly their wives and girlfriends are running their lives because they are doing these photoshoots and that kind of stuff.” Wonder what he would have made of his former boss Alex Ferguson’s recent ‘decision’ not to follow his team to Northern Ireland, because his wife insisted he help move house!

  • MÓG

    well said roy. the reason i longer watch soccer is because of things like that. too much money too little passion, the majority of player don’t care

  • Legend.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Hope she has his dinner on the table when he gets home tonight.

  • Cromwell

    His wife’ll have him on the prawn sandwiches!

  • alan Jones

    always knew alex ferguson was a hand bag carrier…..

    we love the Arsenal we do!!!!

  • Keano’s spot on as usual !

    Keep em’ in the kitchen…

  • Prince Eoghan

    A bit uncomfortable sometimes in the kitchen though Maca, and my neighbours might catch us……. wait a minute did you mean to cook?

  • JG

    They should take a leaf out of GAA players’ books. No pay, no perks, but all about pride in playing for your county. Money pollutes sport, not WAGs!

  • chauncy

    I don’t suppose that we, the reading public, who pay for the Sunday newspapers and gossip mags which glorify the celebrity footballer and wag lifestyle, might ourselves be in some way responsible for the commercialisation of football? Along, of course, with our tolerance of ludicrous transfer fees, sky high wages, costly merchandise and speaking of handbags, the histrionics of contemporary premier league players.

    ‘Hope she has his dinner on the table when he gets home tonight.’ Behind every great man….

  • Alan

    Do you not think the GAA would go professional if the counties could afford it?
    Roy is bang on!

  • JG

    Can’t remember buying any of ‘those’ Sunday papers or any gossip mags so I think my conscience is clear on this one!

  • JG

    Sadly the GAA probably will go pro at some point. Nothing to do with not being able to afford it, the Association is dripping with cash.

  • Alan

    I dunno JG. My friends in Fermanagh who follow Gaelic tell me different, at least about our county. Maybe the overall picture of the GAA is different.

  • Pounder

    Sounds like sour grapes to me. Keane throwing a tantrum because the players he wanted wouldn’t sign for a team tipped to go back down?

  • gerry enabler

    Roy brought his little babies to a hurling match (Cork v Waterofrd) when in the sacred land to show them loonies playing for the pride of the jersey. Nat that a plate of prawn sandwiches would last long with Cork but…

    Roy’s a gas man. I hope he comes out with more philiosophy this season. Love him or hate him, yo uhave to love him.

  • JG

    I think there is an element of sour grapes. Roy thinks players should really want to come and play for Sunderland! Why should they? He should be trying to sell the club to them but seems incapable of doing that. That’s why he’s done so badly on transfers.

  • Rory

    Sadly, I have to report, from bitter personal experience the veracity of Keane’s remarks.

    Had it not been for Herself’s absolute refusal for me to “portray those pale, hairy knobbly knees in public and mortify me”, I would no doubt by now be the leading star in world soccer.

    Barcelona and Arsenal have never quite recovered from this loss.

  • Ringo

    JG you haven’t a clue what you’re on about – regarding either GAA or soccer. GAA will go pro because it is awash with cash and Roy Keane has failed to ‘sell’ Sunderland AFC??

    As for Pounder – Sunderland being tipped to go back down? Very, very few are making that prediction.

  • JG


    ‘GAA will go pro because it is awash with cash’

    Didn’t say that! Perhaps you could read what I did say and point out exactly where you think I’m wrong. Good boy.

    ‘Roy Keane has failed to ‘sell’ Sunderland’

    In case you’ve missed it, football’s top players aren’t exactly queuing up to sign for Sunderland, for quite a number of very good reasons. Roy Keane’s considerable ego tells him that everyone should want to come and play for him. In the real world, most of them don’t.

  • Ringo

    Sadly the GAA probably will go pro at some point. Nothing to do with not being able to afford it, the Association is dripping with cash.

    a) complete and utter balls to suggest the GAA will go pro
    b) complete and utter balls to suggest the GAA is dripping with cash.

    But sure continue with the pub talk and hope that there are few enough reading this that recognise it as horseshite.

    As for the stuff about Keane’s ego? More bullshit, not worth replying too.

  • JG

    You’re a real scholar! You’re just repeating what you said before. No proof, no argument.

    Saying something is bollox doesn’t make it so. I can’t fathom why you’re so angry about it but it makes me laugh so it’s all good. The GAA is only amateur to the extent that it doesn’t pay its players. In all other matters it operates as a professional, commercial entity. In my opinion (as a life-long fan/player of Gaelic games) it is only a matter to time before the games go pro.

    Obvious questions arise:

    1. “complete and utter balls to suggest the GAA will go pro”


    2. “complete and utter balls to suggest the GAA is dripping with cash”

    Perhaps a take of 26.5 million Euro (400,000 Euro up on the 2005 figure) for 2006 from gate receipts alone isn’t dripping with cash to you but it certainly is to me!

    It was also reported when the 2006 figures were published:

    “There was a major increase in income from sponsorship, media, franchising, licensing, etc, to E12.5 million while Croke Park Ltd, on its own, generated E14 million for the hire of the stadium and its corporate facilities during 2006”

    Jesus they’re practically bankrupt!

  • Rory

    To be fair, lads, it is only valid to introduce the subject of the GAA into this thread if you want to compare and contrast the attitude of GAA players’ wives to shopping facilities in the area where their husbands’ play. Like for like so to speak.

    Unless of course all GAA players are “confirmed bachelors “(old Irish for “gay”), in which case watch out for the Phelpses.

  • JG

    “confirmed bachelors “(old Irish for “gay”)


  • Donnacha

    “Behind every great man…. ”

    …is a woman rolling her eyes.

    As for the GAA going pro, won’t happen for a while. God Almighty’s Army will be quite happy to sit on the cash and tell the players that they should play for the love of the game.

    Sunderland going down? Spurs more like….

  • JG


    I agree it won’t happen for a while. Could be fifty years, could be more. It’ll happen though, I’m convinced of it.

    Sunderland going down? Spurs more like….

    Very hard to know, eh? They won’t have an easy ride, that’s for sure but I think they will stay up.

  • GAA players don’t want to be professional. They want promotional contracts though, and for the State to pay them a GAA Dole at taxpayer expense.

  • JG

    Where’d Ringo go? LOL!

  • The Pict

    Dean Windass refused a move from Bradford City as his wife was a probationary PC there and it made no sense to move.

  • Dean Windass

    With a name like windass, he should be on the free transfer list. Players should only have sound, sold names like Keane, Roy Keane.