No surprises as PSNI fraud probe collapses…

SURPRISE, surprise – the Public Prosecution Service believes there isn’t enough evidence to issue charges after a long-running investigation into corruption in the police. This is despite a previous High Court judgment in the case over PSNI procurement procedures in which NI Sheet Metal Works was granted £400,000 in damages after a contract was awarded to another company in suspicious circumstances. According to the Tele, the judge in the case, Sir Liam McCollum, had voiced suspicions that “some person or persons” within the police service had “deliberately undermined” the company’s delivery of the contract and “wrongfully discredited” it. Sir Liam also stated that it was “difficult to attribute an innocent motive” to anyone involved in the PSNI’s decision-making process. He added that a police inquiry was required “with a view to establishing the actions of the various persons involved and their motivation, with particular reference to those who had most to gain from those activities”. I’m sure Sir Liam will be disappointed with the PPS, but what did he expect when the alleged fraud within the PSNI was being investigated by the errrr… PSNI Fraud Squad.

  • Pete Baker


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  • Dawkins

    Quis custodiet…?

  • Ranger1640

    Would you trust the PSNI to investigate a robbery of your children’s piggy bank? I know I wouldn’t.

  • Follow the Money

    That’s Right

    No money to follow the money.

    And we sure as hell don’t have democracy here either why – becuase if we did the forth estate could investigate instead of being canned or ‘wacked’ as Ken Bartlet put it.

    so no following the money then.

    More like ‘where’s my f**king money!!’