“It can happen in hot countries…”

More difficulties at the City of Derry Airport, whose owner’s – Derry City Council – were recently given the go-ahead for the compulsory purchase of adjoining land. Yesterday an inbound flight, having been instructed to wait on a remote runway, found itself sinking into the tarmac after being made to wait for 30 minutes. The plane was eventually able to power out of the tarmac after the pilot got the passengers to disembark [and push? – Ed] Adds Interesting response from the SF Councillor, Gerry MacLochlainn, in this UTV report [just under half-way through report]

“What’s clear here is Council Committees aren’t the best bodies to be running an airport. You need a professional board of directors running a professional company that acts to commercial standards. The law only allowed us to do that in January. We will be putting that into place. We will establish the airport as a company with a professional board of director with the correct level of expertise in and you will see improvements in the airport coming from that.”

Which isn’t necessarily a problem in my view.. Although, isn’t he pre-empting that internal investigation? And is that a description of a [Local] Government Owned Company? A Go-Co? A “corporate profit making entity in its own right”? A prelude to back-door privatisation?