Aer Lingus transfers from Shannon to Belfast

The announcement that Aer Lingus is to introduce flights from Belfast International to Amsterdam, Barcelona and Geneva in December, and Heathrow in January, had been expected (see first comment here) although, as I understand it, Aer Lingus were required to inform the stock exchange before any public statement was made. First Minister Ian Paisley and junior minister Gerry Kelly will be at hand to bask in the publicity welcome the news but other ministers there are not so happy and Aer Lingus are meeting with workers at Shannon. Simon of The Dossing Times adds some thoughts at Irish Election while the Limerick Blogger is updating on the fly.. so to speak. Adds All politics is, indeed, local. More The official welcome. Update Whilst the junior minister, Sinn Féin’s Gerry Kelly, officially welcomed the announcement there appears to be a difference of opinion within the party ranks – “Aer Lingus decision will boost local economy” and, in another example of local politics, “Aer Lingus’s decision is a direct result of privatisation”

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