On Claudy…

Mentioned by David Dunseith yesterday, another anniversary yesterday was the bombing of the Co Derry village of Claudy. He also quoted the powerful last lines of the James Simmons’ poem:

And Christ little Katherine Aiken is dead,
and Mrs McLaughlin is pierced through the head.
Meanwhile to Dungiven the killers have gone,
and they’re finding it hard to get through on the phone

  • Frustrated Democrat

    It seems atrocities like this don’t merit a comment any more in our new enlightened society, have we really become so cynical and hardened to all the anniversaries.

    We need to remember so people are never allowed to do this in the name of any cause ever again.

  • pia lugum

    Trouble is when our friends at Westminster and Dublin organise rewards such as position, power and filthy lucre for the original leaders of the discord and mayhem we have had here.

    And the general public passively supports them…

    It is hard to se how honourable people could develop and survive in such an atmosphere………