BBC’s anti Army bias?

Biased BBC notes a couple of complaints about the BBC’s coverage of the end of Operation Banner, in particular, Jeremy Vine, for playing anti British rebel song on his feature yesterday. In itself, inconclusive of bias. But it also carries a complaint a guy on AARSE (I kid you not) that:

I was watching the BBC World Service this morning and was dismayed by their coverage marking the end of Op Banner which focused on the account of a Sinn Fein spokesman who essentially portrayed the British Army as cold blooded murderers. In the clip I saw there were no other representatives interviewed nor ordinary NI citizens asked for their opinions.


  • RG Cuan

    This is all a bit ridiculous.

    The BBC, biased? Sometimes.

    Biased in favour of Republicans? Never.

  • jone

    The pieces on the Six and Ten TV news had NO nationalist voices, just soldiers as interviewees. Bias, how are ye?

  • Chris Donnelly

    Gregory Campbell hit this theme today on Talkback. I would suggest it once again illustrates a failure of some unionists to respect the airing of viewpoints quite different from their own.

    Poor Gregory’s in for a torrid time in the new era of our mutual veto Executive…

  • jone

    A flavour of BBC coverage here.

    Be i could only get these file to play by doing a right click ‘save target as’.

  • mchinadog

    This is typical of all the media especially the establishments BBC. The Armani suited Sinn Fein Provo’s are all now accepted by all the as respected members of society and are lined up by all the media to hit out at everything British. What about the 35+ years of Provo mayhem of murder, bombings and disruption, what about a programme about their actitivies and perhaps the world and the media will view this murdering scum for what they are.

  • Joe

    a Sinn Fein spokesman who essentially portrayed the British Army as cold blooded murderers

    Then again given that ARRSE is currently carrying a discussion along the lines of “you have three bullets, who would you murder?” this would appear to not be entirely without merit.

  • Mick,
    I’m not trying to be smart (honest) but typo: “I KIND you not”.

  • Mick Fealty

    Got it Hanson!

  • francesco

    “Too ra loo ra loo ra loo, they’re looking for monkeys up in the zoo
    If I had a face like you, I would join the British army”

    go on home british soldiers go on home

  • I wonder…

    “what about a programme about their actitivies ”

    erm, I suspect there have been a few…

  • Butnotforlong

    There was definitely bias: the constant references to the IRA as terrorists for a start…

  • jone

    The army’s dead got the full Nimrod treatment tonight.

  • Matt

    Can anyone explain why the press seperate out the loyalist murder numbers from the army’s?….surely its the same tally!

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Arguably, the BBC has been covering this all week and could say that balance has been achieved over the series of items on Operation Banner.

  • GavBelfast

    Tonight’s five minute feature on BBC Newsline was basically a tribute to the army’s fallen during The Troubles, fousing on the human cost and major incidents. You’re not going to get balance in every item, and it would be ridiculous for this series of features to be uncritical or wholly complimentary of the army’s role here, but across the whole output I think there has been.

  • George Gay

    The BBC is an integral part of MI5’s war efforts. Just look at Iraq.

  • Sean

    Bloody Sunday settled whether the army are cold blooded nurderers and the answer is very much YES

  • Harry Flashman

    Bloody Friday, Claudy, Donegall Street, Abercorn, La Mons, Kingsmills, Enniskillen, Coleraine, Patsy Gillespie, Tom Oliver, Joanna Mathers (need I go on?) settled whether the IRA are cold blooded nurderers and the answer is very much YES.

    I’m sure you’d agree Sean.

  • mchinadog


    You are perfectly correct and we could add many many more to that list including the UDR – RUC shot in the back or blown up by the IRA cowards – do they really think that we like them say the Army/Ruc were to blame for all the 3000+ innocent people who lost their lives and the 10’s of thousand who still bear the scares of their murderous campaign

  • Sean

    I would Harry whats your point?

    When has anyone seriously tried to dispute that fact

  • Harry Flashman


    I would Harry whats your point?

    When has anyone seriously tried to dispute that fact
    Posted by Sean on Aug 02, 2007 @ 01:13 PM

    Actually yes Sean, many including yourself have, see your post on another thread in which you seem to believe that it was all justified in aid of some mythological war of liberation.

    It wasn’t.

  • Yokel

    Who cares what the Beeb does. The troops are still here, have lovely new powers of arrest if required and aren’t really leaving just going out on the piss in garrison towns becaus they now have next to nothing to do….

    What’s that tell ya?

  • Sean

    but hairy i didnt deny they were murderers