Big Bird enters Maze controversy…

AFTER reading Pete’s post below about muppets in Northern Ireland, I emailed Big Bird to get his opinion on the big issues of the day. Since feathers make it hard to type, our yellow friend simply emailed this picture back to me when I asked for his position on where the new national stadium should be. With such illustrious backing for the Maze, Minister Poots can surely sleep more soundly tonight.

  • The Third Policeman

    A but the big question we all want answered at the end of the day… just how does Big Bird pronounce the letter in question?!

  • Donnacha

    I’d sleep more soundly knowing Bert was behind the project, if I was Edwin. You don’t want that boy getting across ye…

  • That ain’t Big Bird…

    Are you Howard
    Are you Howard
    Are you Howard Wells in disguise?

  • willowfield

    “Minister Poots”: ugh.

    Please refrain from these awful Americanisms.


  • Glyn

    “H”? Is that a clue?

  • parallaxCo

    Maybe he wants a Helipad on Airstrip 1?

  • Belfast Gonzo


    Please post a list of phrases and terms acceptable to you, which I promise to adhere to as rigidly as I possibly can.


  • rob

    Bert & Ernie are all for staying at Windsor Park

    They enjoy nothing better than a good rendition of ‘the sash’

  • willowfield


    Just don’t soil our language with American terminology. This is not America.

  • Truth & Justice

    This has now been so hyjacked that we should just forget about it and spread the money between Windsor Park, Ravenhill and the Casement there is now no point to a National stadium the Republicans have made sure of that!

  • Brendan, Belfast

    Willowfield – i don’t get it. What is wrong with the term ‘Minister Poots’? He is a Minister and his name is, er, Poots.

    “This is not America” Of course you could simply be listing the names of your favourite David Bowie songs.

  • BogExile

    Does anybody remember ‘The Count’ famous for his ability to tech young children the rudiments of basic finance.

    We have an equivalent minister with a similar sobriquet on the hill although I believe his name is pronounced with a silent ‘o’


  • eranu

    one, ha ha ha ha…

    two, ha ha ha ha…

    three, ha ha ha ha…


  • BogExile

    Eranu – the very boy! Glad to know there are posters ‘of a certain age’ around. Stormont is a production of the Children’s Television workshop. Or it should be.

  • eranu

    … and brought to you by the letter H !

    sesame street and the muppets, great shows. just look at big birds face and try not to laugh..
    wonder what Mr. Snuffleupagus would make of all this Maze talk??? !

  • We don’t need American Muppets imported in. We have enough home grown muppets.

  • Hilarious comment Pounder.

  • willowfield


    In this country there is no term of address as “Minister Poots”/”Prime Minister Brown”/”Lord Mayor Rodgers”, etc. These terms of address are a recent phenomenon – I blame Martina Purdy combined with the increasing American involvement in NI politics starting with Clinton (“First Minister Trimble” – aargh!).

    The correct form of address is either by name (“Mr Poots”) or by office (“the Minister” – or the “Minister of Culture, Arts and Leisure”).

  • Dessertspoon

    Maybe Gerry and Martin can do a version of Grovers “Near & Far” routine to help explain the likelihood of a United Ireland.