“the good guys in Carrickfergus..”

Thanks to commenter Dewi for this link to the Economist’s take on the unfolding saga of the ‘good’ and ‘not so good’ UDA.. or as David Ford put it recently, “the notion that there is somehow one baddie faction of the UDA and one goodie faction of the UDA seems to me to be absolute rubbish.” According to the Economist, where “stupid” questions are apparently off the menu, “The UDA’s attempt to be the good guys in Carrickfergus may be yet another advance.” Needless to say I don’t agree, not least for the reasons given by David Ford, the description of one faction as “the good guys” nor of it being “an advance”, and while the Economist is being a well-behaved very co-operative witness, they do add one usefully succinct paragraph on The Process™

The British and Irish governments, desperate to bring peace, have flattered loyalist leaders with meetings in London and Dublin, and provided funds to clean up objectionable graffiti. Mary McAleese, a Belfast Catholic and Ireland’s president, has spent much of her time in office trying to lessen loyalist suspicion of the Irish state. Her husband, Martin, has introduced loyalists to potential donors, and the couple treat Mr McDonald as a friend: Mrs McAleese greets him with hugs and her husband takes him golfing.

That would be this Jackie McDonald.. or this one.. or this one.. or even this one.. and on that ‘good’ UDA.. I’ve asked it before – “the right balance?”