Bread.. and circuses.

The Derry Journal quotes Sinn Féin’s former[?] Director of Unionist Outreach, Martina Anderson, MLA, in response to suggestions from the 32 County Sovereignty Movement that “marches and pickets” at the doors of alleged drug dealers should be supported

“Pickets are an option but I would hope that there are other steps we can take as a community before we get to that point. I am not ruling out that kind of action but other avenues should be explored before this. I would hope that we don’t need to go to people’s doors. I wouldn’t say that type of action is totally wrong and ultimately it was something that was successful in other areas,” she said.

A couple of points to note on this issue, after highlighting again the alleged nature of any accusations being made.. one is Martina Anderson’s role on the Policing Board.. the other is her position as a SF representative on the Bill of Rights Forum.. Update The reality on the ground..Adds In case it isn’t clear enough, here’s a reminder of a previous post

“Either there is law or no law. That is the basis of a civilised society.”