Martin, Gerry and that wedding…

A familiar gripe from the Trimble Unionist days was that Tony Blair consistently lent his good ear (ie Jonathan Powell) to Sinn Fein, but rarely to their own concerns. Even if this exaggerated, it is undoubtedly true that contact between No 10 and SF was both frequent and informal. And it seems that some of those key relationships have stuck, even now the Peace Process™ has finally ground to a halt. When news broke of an invitation to Martin and Gerry to attend Jonathan’s wedding, Sinn Fein was rather coy in a report published last month which hinted (just count those double negatives) neither would be attending. Yet Slugger understands from a senior Conservative MP that in fact both did turn up on the day to take part in the happy couple’s celebrations on “the croquet lawn at Fritham Lodge (built in 1635 as a hunting lodge for Charles I, now owned by Powell’s advertising guru brother Chris)”. The former PM was Best Man.

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  • Ellesmere Dragge

    An semi-employed ex-barman at a booze-up? Perfect casting in my view.

  • slug

    This quote from the SBP article brought a smile:

    “The great and good of British politics have been invited to the party. Among the invited guests are Adams and McGuinness.”

  • Rory

    Yes, well thank uou for that, Ellsemere. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

  • parcifal

    The biggest wedding is yet to come between Orange and Green; and everyone is invited.
    AS to who’s Martha and who’s Arthur you’ll have to work out for yourself 😉

  • CTN

    Why didn’t they invite Slab Murphy while they were at it- Oh thats right- he’s bust right now- hee hee!!

  • Cruimh

    I wonder if they honeymooned in Bulgaria ? 😉

  • moyle rover

    Why didn’t they invite Slab Murphy while they were at it- Oh thats right- he’s bust right now- hee hee!!

    Na hes running a petrol station down tthe road here, or thats the vicious rumour anyway.

  • CTN

    Aye!- until the assets guys walk in on him again…