How times change…

A COUPLE of quotes that you might be surprised by when you find out who said them. Here’s the first: I am very saddened by the death of another person in Iraq. I would like to offer my condolences to this young soldier’s family. The loss of every life in Iraq is a terrible tragedy. Not withstanding my position of being opposed to the war in Iraq, I think of the many people who have lost their lives in Iraq and I extend my condolences to those who have lost loved ones there including Iraqi families as well. As this young soldier is someone who came from my own native city, there is particular sympathy there. And the second: [T]here can be no toleration of members of illegal organisations taking over housing estates and we saw the shooting of an officer of the PSNI, that is intolerable and totally unacceptable. The speakers are below the fold.The first is from Sinn Fein Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness, whose response to fatal mortar bomb attacks on British soldiers has changed dramatically since the days when he was an IRA commander in Derry

The second is from SF leader Gerry Adams, who says he never belonged to an illegal organisation that shot police officers in the back.

  • slug

    But a change to be welcomed, Gonzo.

  • Sean

    Had to get in a wee dig and some inuendo huh gorgonzola

  • snakebrain

    amusant nonetheless

  • Dawkins

    Could it be … could it be that normality is in sight in Northern Ireland?

  • Belfast Gonzo


    Well there wouldn’t have been much point in noting how ‘progressive’ SF was unless a reference to past activities was made, now would there?

  • Sean

    Yes but you infer or use inuendo to point an acusatory finger at Gerry Adams about being in the IRA something no one has been able to prove any where at any time unless you know something I don’t

  • snakebrain


    Do you believe that?

  • Sean

    yes I do and until you can prove otherwise I always will

  • ciaran

    What would be the point of denying it if it where true. Surely being able to claim ira membership would have helped him in the past. It didn’t do martin any harm did it?
    And what is there to be surprised about from the statements? Both men have stated on numerous occasions that they regret all loss of life here over the troubles so why would they feel any different now that we have peace?

  • patrique

    That’s what happens when you start hanging about with mass murderers like Tony Blair.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Just out of curiosity, are there many people out there who also believe Gerry was never in the ‘RA? Is this a more commonly held belief than I thought? How would you guys feel if Adams, in a few years time, admits he wasa volunteer? It won’t matter as much then, of course, but if it happened, would you be happy about having been lied to?

  • Cruimh

    He doesn’t have a great track record wih being truthful, does he ?

  • heck


    blair or adams?

  • Cruimh

    I don’t think there’s ever been any suggestion that Blair is in the IRA.

  • Cahal

    Gonzo I think the wider point is that SF voters, to a man, don’t give a flying fuck one way or the other.

    It seems to be something which unionists pick up on now and again when they are bored forgetting about Paisley’s role in Ulster Resistance.

    Was he in or out? Perhaps he was doing the hokey kokey and shaking it all about.

  • agh

    ‘Gonzo I think the wider point is that SF voters, to a man, don’t give a flying fuck one way or the other. ‘

    Hmm I thought knowing if your political representive authorised the execution of hundreds if not thousands of innocent men, woman and children of northern ireland would be quite significant. Perhaps not even just authorising but potentially taking an active role? Not saying he did or didn;t but to make such a flipend statement I think sums up your sick mindset. I think a fairer comparison to SF would be the PUP and UDP, and you can clearly see how much support they receive in the unionist community.

  • Belfast Gonzo


    It’s a subject dear to my heart and covered many times in the past on other threads. However, such irrelevant whataboutery seems to be something which republicans pick up on now and again when they are forget about their denial over Adams’ previous life.

  • Fraggle

    ” authorised the execution of hundreds if not thousands of innocent men, woman and children”


  • Wee slabber

    Seems in the minds of “Gonzoites” the likes of Adams and McGuinness can never be allowed to win. Damend if the do, damned if the don’t. It’s normality, Gonzo. Basra is not Derry, just in case you hadn’t noticed!

  • agh
  • The World’s Gone Mad

    Its good to hear both quotes. Taken purely at face-value, much respect to both MM and GA for saying what they did.

  • agh

    in fairness we got off the topic for a while there lol. yes, at face value it;s another step forward no doubt. Great to see and gives some hope for this god-forsaken turd hole. we’re movin the right direction

  • francesco

    “It seems to be something which unionists pick up on now and again when they are bored forgetting about Paisley’s role in Ulster Resistance”

    good point!

  • Mayoman

    To my mind, there is the same evidence that GA was in the IRA as there is for IKP and PR being gunrunners and that DT was ‘in the know’ on the actions of the UDA (being a sidlekick to its leader). Lets face it, there will egg on more than one face if the full truth comes out.

  • P.O’Neill

    Gerry was my OC.


  • skinbop

    I can certainly sleep safe in my bed at night knowing that the terror group that was Ulster Resistance has resorted to purely peaceful means. Based purely on their “track record” for murder and mayhem of course.

    That aside some really ignorant comments on here regarding DUP and Loyalist violence. The two are not even remotely linked. Come on – wise up folks.

  • This thread is an absolute disgrace, taking generous, sensitive statements by MM and GA, and then turning them around without any cause against them – but that is what one has come to expect from Belfast Gonzo.

    I guess they are supposed to jump up and down for joy every time a Brit is killed in the Middle East, or a policman killed while maintaining law and order.

    Of course, MM and GA could have made statements about Brits shooting people like Gervaise McKerr and many others in the back – most germain because of what European courts and politicians have determined about their performance just now – but they didn’t.

    Some people will stoop to anything.

  • Ranger Best

    What is so surprising about an Official of HM’sgovernment saluting
    “If I should die, think only this of me:
    That there’s some corner of a foreign field that is forever England.
    There shall be in that rich earth a richer dust concealed.
    A dust whom England bore, shaped, made aware.”

  • ciaran

    skinbop, it is easy to understand the confusion given ulster resistance was set up by big ian and wee peter and neither have bothered to help the police look into this group at any time.