Hain reaches the clear over interim appointment?

A reader informs us that:

“The senior judge appointed by the Attorney General to investigate the appointment of Mrs Bertha McDougall as interim victims commissioner has said there was no intention on the part of anyone involved to mislead or obstruct the courts. Mr Justice Peter Scott said he had found no evidence that warranted a police investigation. However he said there were serious shortcomings in the way that government officials had handled a Freedom of Information Request related to the appointment.”

Adds: Here’s an earlier take from Pete on the questions outstanding… And: Thanks to Mark Devenport for a link to the Report

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    The SoS welcomes the Scott report. No sign of it on the NIO website though.

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    I repeat:-




    The urgency with which this particular analysis was purged from Slugger merely confirms the depths of lick-spittle kow-towing to which the site has descended. Shame on you Mick.

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    Anyone requiring a salutary example of the profound folly of posting post-fifteen pints of Guinness – see 12.33 above.

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