More Lords reform

Andrew Lilico has expanded on last week’s piece on Lords reform with some even more bizarre suggestions. Some of us still think a fully elected Senate is the only way forward.

  • The sheer bewildering farce of Lilico’s whole thing can be illustrated by one comment:

    The best form of random choice would be heredity, since this would allow training from birth of those randomly chosen. I have no particular attachment to the great families that provided the hereditary Lords, and would propose choosing 300 new families, in a grand national lottery.

    [1] Would that count as a double-rollover jackpot?

    [2] Why is this more deserving than the traditional means of ennoblement: land-grabbing, the beerage and profiterage; sucking-up; paying-up and royal bastardy?

    But, “training from birth”! Is getting to the teat first adequate preparation for nosing in the trough?

    For additional chortle quotient, though, try the verbosity and misguidedness of contributor Christopher Luke, self-described as:
    Chairman of Easington Constituency Young Conservatives from 1986 to 1988. An Honorary Life Member of Queen’s University Belfast Ulster Unionist Association, he is also a former Member of the Monday Club Northern Ireland Policy Committee and a Past Treasurer of the London Swinton Circle, and currently both a Member of William Alexander Memorial Loyal Orange Lodge No. 1689 (of the Loyal Orange Institution of England) and Founder-Editor of UNIONIST (a non-party bi-monthly newsletter on current affairs affecting the UK written from a traditional unionist perspective).

    An unsuccessful UK Independence Party Candidate for the Pembury Ward of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council in the May 2007 Borough Council Elections.

    As the estimable Norman Clegg said of Foggy Dewhurst, “I confidently hope that this one is potty on a full-time basis.”