Try again, fail again, fail better.

I’ll add the UTV report from Ivan Little when it’s online.. and it’s worth watching, not least for the moment when UPRG spokesman Frankie Gallagher corrects the description, carried elsewhere, of those gathered in the non-descript carpark as being members of the UDA Inner Council.. by adding the word “allegedly”. In any event, it’s the second attempt in the same week by Frankie Gallagher to clarify the statement from the UDA about their installation of a new leadership in South East Antrim. And until we hear from that former UDA leadership in South East Antrim I’d suggest the headline here is somewhat premature. Btw, I might have missed it.. but I didn’t see a certain prominent member of the UDA at that selected press conference. [No doubt the NIO had been informed in advance.. again.. – Ed] Adds Regular commenter Loftholdingswood informs me that Jackie McDonald was there. Update Or maybe not.. Added Photo from today’s Irish News report, which correctly describes it as a ‘show of strength’, also names the attendees at the UPRG press conference in the car-park outside Larne.. so you don’t have to. Left to right – Sammy Duddy, Billy McFarlane, Paul Hill, John Bunting, Jackie McDonald and Colin Haliday.

The Irish News report includes quotes from Frankie Gallagher [subs req]

Mr Gallagher denied that the ‘show of strength’ was designed to intimidate or spark a feud with his former colleagues.

“Feuds are not an option, violence is not an option. The UPRG has resounding support from the UDA that the ballot box must be its most powerful weapon.

“The people that came here today were… showing that they are no longer prepared to have their communities turned into ghettoes.”

And who elected them, Frankie? [“most powerful weapon”? but not its only one.. – Ed]