BIC meets at Stormont

The British-Irish Council is meeting at Stormont today. It is the first visit to NI by Gordon Brown as Prime Minister and the local Executive is raising the financial package again. The BIC will focus on strategic transport links. It is expected a North-South Ministerial Council meeting will follow shortly.

  • Phil

    Anyone there representing the English?

  • ingram


    quote Anyone there representing the English? unquote

    The security services do that Job mate. Governments come and go but they just roll on working in the National interest! that is English National interest.

    Ask a Republican who runs the show! they met one or two or three in their careers.LOL

    Ding Ding


  • oneill

    It is expected a North-South Ministerial Council meeting will follow shortly.

    It’s meeting tomorrow according to the report.
    I guess why the Unionists got the BICy crumbs (sorry;)) today!

  • Dewi

    Funny – they did a vox pop on the tele asking if people there knew what BIC and NSMC were. A bloke replied “I’m Polish” amd walked off.

    Almost as funny when asked what was the oblectives of the NSMC the the republic’s Minister Ahern waxed lyrical about improved physical infrastructure links with associated economic benefits, McGuiness talked of the All – Ireland Centre for autistic children……….Paisley – Never been to one before but I hope it will combat the threat from international terrorism…..wonderful.

  • Butnotforlong

    Saw Martin “We will never, ever abandon the struggle – copyright SF ard fheis 1980s” McGuinness on Newsline where he likened the Strabane dissidents to the Japanese veterans in the jungle who hadn’t realised the war had ended. That’s right Martin – and you know what, they realised the war had ended when someone told them their side had surrendered….

  • Pensions

    Not really relevant but….

    I was just reading a brochure on making voluntary national insurance contributions from ABROAD and it says….

    “This leaflet does not apply to everyone. If you are:

    going to Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man, you don’t need this leaflet because the social security systems there are linked to the UK’s and vice versa.”

    Perhaps I should be making my payments to Dublin, by the time I retire….you never know.