Two more attacks on South Armagh Halls

There were two attempted arson attacks on Orange Halls in the South Armagh area last night. Four people have been arrested. This follows a serious attack at the weekend on Crosskeys Orange Hall. UPDATE For those who have developed an obsession with geography rather than illegality, I give you the official tourist website for south armagh. If you click the list of places to visit you will see it includes Keady as part of south Armagh. UPDATE II Here is the website of a group called Regeneration of South Armagh with a map of the area.

  • Billy


    You would know all about bigotry.

    In all of your bigotted rants, I have yet to hear you unreservedly condemn the murder of a Catholic without some sort of whataboutery and/or making excuses for “loyalist” terrorists.

    I can clearly state that I have always condemned all violence from any source without any reservation.

    Bigots like you are still living in the pre 1968 Unionist supremacy mentality. I’m glad to say that those days have long gone and most people in NI have moved on.

    It’s unfortunate that you hate Catholics so much as we’re about 45% of the population and growing.

    The days of Catholics being disenfranchised and treated as second class citizens are long gone.

    If you have a problem with equality, frankly I don’t give a shit. Either live with it or f**k off.

  • Mark

    Had to comment on this:

    “And as for the eejits who are slating South Armagh – have they even been to the beautiful area or met its friendly people? I’d guess not.”

    I never had been until late last year, when the funeral of a friend’s father brought me there. I thought it was a horrible place. Lovely countryside totally destroyed by loads of frankly horrible ostentatious houses, totally out of keeping with their surroundings. Don’t they have planning laws there?

    People not one bit friendly, I found them clannish and suspicious of outsiders and totally unable to conceive of anyone not sharing their political viewpoint. I didn’t bring politics up, I’m not stupid, but was repeatedly asked leading questions in an effort to ascertain where I stood on various issues – almost like some kind of entrance exam. One guy asked about hurling when he heard I was from around Kilkenny. When I said I had no real interest in it and didn’t follow it closely he spat on the ground and walked away from me while I was in mid sentence. Yeah, really friendly.

    I thought out of the place I would never get.

  • Kevster

    Burning halls is wrong. I’m glad nobody was hurt.

  • The Dubliner

    Mark, that’s the funniest story I’ve heard all week – including one about a gay Swedish arthitech who discovered fudge whileon a business trip to Ireland, loves it, and has no idea of the (politically incorrect) hysterics he is causing with jokes about fudge packing, etc (I kid you not). You sound like a city boy on a canoeing weekend in Georgia who finds himself on the set of Deliverance, deafening by the sound of banjos and worn out from dodging the spitting of chewing tobacco. It would sound less of a wind-up if left out the “frankly horrible obstentatious houses” that also litter the small rural county sophisticated metropolis of Kilkenny.

  • The Dubliner

    Err, with apologies to said Swedish architect for jokes at his expense.

  • Cruimh

    ho hum – ball not man – what a crock!

    How dare anybody point out whataboutery!

  • Metacom

    “There were two attempted arson attacks on Orange Halls in the South Armagh area last night.”

    Whatever about Keady Tullysaran certainly isn’t South Armagh. The sensitivity is understandable. South Armagh has been unjustly demonized for decades. A lovely place and for the most part lovely people. Some very fond memories of music nights in the pig house behind O’Hanlon’s in An Mullach Ban.

  • The Dubliner

    MR, that’s debatable, since his post was anecdotal. At least he didn’t say that he was surveying the hills for snipers – pedal to the metal in his snazzy 3-Series. Anyway, I have no problem with Moderators deleting whatever they wish. 😉

  • Sean

    crumb your mans lap is getiing “cold” perhaps you got back on your leash and went home

  • Cruimh

    Sean – as there is no moderation and obviously anything goes I can happily call you a silly attention-seeking foreign cunt 🙂

  • Donnacha

    The only thing that surprises me is that it took this long for the thread to descend into personal abuse.

  • Sean

    go ahead crumb your opinion means less to me then a dried out three week old piece of cat shit in my garden

    you might have noticed only a tiny number of my posts calling you a piece of shit get moderated perhaps you should reflect on this

    go suck davies woman hood like a good boyfriend

  • Harry Flashman

    Surely this “south” Armagh not “south” Armagh issue could be solved very simply.

    Find out the latitude of the most northerly part of Armagh county and find out the lattitude of the most southerly place in the county and then find out the latitude of the mid point, anything above mid point is ipso fact not in south Armagh.

    If you like you can find the latitudes that lie 33.3% below and above the northernmost and southernmost points respectively and the bit in between would be “central” Armagh.

    Using this extremely simple piece of logic you could then determine whether or not the attacks mentioned took place in south Armagh.

  • Cruimh

    Harry – there’s mid-Armagh to factor into the equation.

  • Sean

    ummm Harry whats the dividing point between South Carolina and North Carolina and do you know if it was derived with this self same easy equation

  • Rory

    I don’t see what all this South Armagh geography barney is about. Surely if you can’t burn down an Orange Hall in South Armagh you couldn’t burn one down anywhere.

    And then where would we all be?

  • Pounder

    One step forward Rory, a quite frankly terrifying prospect for many of the posters here from either side.

  • Harry Flashman

    Sean, the last time I checked there were clearly delineated geographical and political borders between the states of North and South Carolina, however there is no such political or geographical region as “South Armagh”.

    Or is there?

  • Sean

    True Hairy
    But surely it is up to the people from south Armagh to determine where sout Armagh is and poster from there have clearly defined it.

    It just doesnt suit some of the people posting here because it ruins there line of bull


    It looks like four young anti fascists were arrested. Conor Murphy has condemned the resistance and says attacking Orange halls is (now) “wrong”.

  • however there is no such political or geographical region as “South Armagh”.

    Yes, there is actually.


    I know board members of ROSA and feel you are backing up the wrong bush, they are tasked with other areas than just SA despite the name, i.e Keady etc.

    Sure their map goes the whole way to Armagh city FFS.

    I was born and reared in South Armagh, for the last time those halls are not in South Armagh.

  • Pól

    FD – can we all agree that no matter no source you can come up with shows the orange hall near tullysaran as being in south armagh. It is north of armagh city. There was definitely not 2 attacks on orange halls in south armagh. Please change the headline.

    It is I suppose, a matter of opinion where south armagh ends. I think most residents would say the A25 which I suggested earlier. As you have shown, some groups show south armagh extending up to armagh city. I dont believe it does but there is little point arguing about it.

  • fair_deal

    “It is I suppose, a matter of opinion where south armagh ends”


  • fair_deal

    “I know board members of ROSA and feel you are backing up the wrong bush, they are tasked with other areas than just SA despite the name, i.e Keady etc”

    Perhaps you can simply accept there is more than one definition to south Armagh, not the one you would personally apply but others have different and/or broader definitions.

  • Sean


    The government has always been arbitrary as to where it locates a border where as the people who actually live there are more attune to the differences between places

  • Sean

    It’s as I thought, FD was being deliberatly misleading. His headline of “Two more attacks on South Armagh Halls” was designed for one reason, to suggest this is common practice in our strongly Republican area.

    “South Armagh” is a loaded term, just as Lower and Upper Falls is (which are actually IRA divisions). These halls are not in South Armagh and any local will tell you that, as FD has been told several times on this thread.

    “South Armagh” is not the halfway point in the county of Armagh downwards, it’s a place apart.

    FD must think we all came up Newry Canal in bubble!

  • fair_deal

    LMAO the paranoia is so 1990’s