PSNI found guilty of discrimination

The Sunday Life reports a tribunal has ruled against the PSNI in a discrimination case. The tribunal accepted that a Protestant photographer, Stephen Murphy, was subjected to ongoing victimisation by an Inspector and Acting Sergeant and then unfair dismissal because of his plans to marry a Roman Catholic. Following an appeal by DUP MLA Mervyn Storey to the Policing Board, the Board accepted his treatment had been too harsh but the PSNI hierarchy refused to reinstate him. The tribunal awarded £44K compensation and ordered his reinstatement within two weeks. (Links now added).UPDATE: The BBC is now leading with the story. A number of commentors noticed and welcomed the role of two DUP MLA’s in this case. I wonder why the BBC didn’t consider this worth including?

It also seems the PSNI did not fight the case:

“The PSNI were not in attendance nor were they represented at the fair employment tribunal.”