A few facts and figures…

NORTHERN Ireland Office staff received bonuses totalling £686,425 in 2005-06, an average of just over £670 each. Elsewhere, it was revealed that the total annual amount paid in salaries to OFMDFM staff in 2006/07 was £14.4 million. There were no salaries paid to special advisers in the 2006/07 financial year. The total amount paid in salaries to OFMDFM staff in 2005/06 was £14.1 million. This included £61,000 for Special Advisers (though who they were advising is anyone’s guess, as there were no ministers).

  • zzz

    Why do you hate the Scottish and the Welsh. Are you Irish or English? Does being right wing mean you have to hate people the English hate?
    Now wonder Ulster got into such state with you lot.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    You sure you’re on the right website there?

  • Sunningdale

    I understand from those that know that the NIO pay their staff much more than their Northern Ireland Civil service Counterparts – I’m not sure if anyone is able to explain why.