Brown rings in constitutional changes…

It’s easy to forget that Brown’s announcements yesterday on proposed constitutional change are drawn from a consultative Green Paper, not concrete proposals. Matt Wardman tricks out the detail. OUr Kingdom’s various bloggers kick around the West Lothian Question. Frank Millar notes that once again, the DUP, like Macavity wasn’t there. Worth listening to our podcast interview with Iain Dale on the West Lothian question.

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  • Philip McNeill

    So shifting the Royal Prorogratives of making war/peace & making of treaties from the Ministers of the Crown to the House of Commons. Well we shall see how entrenched it shall be.
    As for the DUP not being there, if its a constitutional issue then the West Lothian Question is a red hearing for its about life or dealth – litrally.

  • james

    Have you seen this

  • “In other news, the West Lothian question continues to fascinate the three people who care about it..”

  • Dewi

    Did anyone note the reduction in voting age to 16. Fairly big electoral implications if implented over there.

  • Liam

    “Fairly big electoral implications if implented over there.”

    Hmm, yeah. The statistics for the percentage of people eligible to vote but not voting will increase.

  • dominick

    A Chara,

    A few days ago I mailed you about two drug-dealing no-goods from Cork who were caught in Cork by an Gardai Siochana several months ago trying to buy a carload of weapons – including 2 RPGs. My reliable source tells me this won’t get to court because it was an MI6 op supposedly ensnaring dissident IRA. There is a long and sorry history of covert ops by SIS on both sides of the border and I thought this would be of interest to your readers. I also believe, though at the time of writing this has yet to be confirmed, that a prominent son of a now-deceased prominent Belfast solictor is involved in the case.