Cameron in a slump

ConservativeHome have published a survey of Conservative members on satisfaction with the leadership. Cameron has dropped from 82% last January to 58% today, with a similar drop in the number of members who expect him to be Prime Minister after the next election. This comes the day after they report an opinion poll that substantiates that opinion.

  • Forty-odd years on the political left has taught me a thing or a million about back-biting.

    However, the continuing bitching and internecine feuding (for example on Iain Dale and Conservativehome) speaks wonders. And there was Anne Winterton (no “Lady” she, of cockles and bananas fame) skewering the leadership in Parliamentary Monitor, and reported overnight at

    Lady Winterton, an MP for 24 years, said the leadership needed to realise that “those with grey hair” would be the largest group of people voting at the next general election and called for greater consultation with them.

    “It is vital that they are not neglected as the policies are formulated.”

    She added: “David Cameron is young, by parliamentary standards and many of those advising him are very young.

    “I think that there is a learning curve and experience is a great teacher.”

    Phew! Anyone daft enough to have been spread-betting on Cameron would be well advised to lay the commitment off, fast: Guido please note.