US Orange Order Documentary

A Documentary shot in Northern Ireland by a U.S. film crew following Maghera Sons Of William LOL 209, Northern Ireland & Sons Of William LOL 1003, Birmingham, Alabama, USA.
I believe this was aired on PBS in the USA. The Alabama based Orange lodge comprises Anglican / Episcopal Bishop, Rev Paul Zahl and other ministers. They have been regular visitors to the South Londonderry Twelfth in recent years. The 32 minute documentary is viewable in 5 parts here

  • jim

    Hurling tends not to have thousands of masked loyalists highjacking cars & causing millions of pounds of damage.

  • Stonewall

    WOW Jim!

    Its been over twenty years since ive seen thousands of masked loyalists anywhere in Northern Ireland. The last time must have been the Workers Strike!

    If you have factual evidence otherwise i would love to hear it!

    You will also find that over thirty years of Republican terror caused Billions of damage. (Not excusing Loyalist terror either!)

    It is terrible that many in our society cant tolerate eachothers culture! Most of the time it would be for less than an hour at any rate!

  • Sean

    You are telling me that you can stampede that many drunken yobs down the street stopping in everybodies garden for a pee, shout obsenities and f**k the pope, smash some bottles and clean it all up in 1/2 hour? That must be a parade done at warp speed captain

  • Cruimh

    Sean – the last drumcree walk took 7 minutes to get past the disputed houses.

  • darth rumsfeld

    .. and having thried to drive into Dublin behind the coaches of Tyrone supporters attending some match a couple of years ago I can testify to the roadside urination, mooning out of windows, running in front of traffic, banging on sides of cars

    – just the average lads’ behaviour on a day out I’m sure, but laqddishness is always deployed by MOPEists like Sean as an excuse to demonise the Orange order, even though he knows the Drumcree parade- the only one I mentioned- leaves from a church on a Sunday morning-for all I know before the pubs open on that boulevard of broken dreams that is Garvaghy Road.

    As for thousands of masked supporters of terrorists- I grant you noone was wearing a mask at the Casement H Block commemoration, but………

  • Objectivist

    There is a list of expelling ofences in the OO constitution which has no counterpart in the RC church ,AOH etc.The RC church does not define itself in terms of *hostility* towards Protstantism nor does it require its members to convert Protestants to RCism.Somebody raised the issue of Irish ministers staying outside St.Patrick’s Cathedral during Douglas Hyde’s funeral.That was past tense – i.e. the RC church shows a capacity to move with the times sadly lacking in the OO.
    To define the RC church and AOH as sectarian in not allowing non-Catholics and non-Irish respectively as members is to ignore their definitive parameters.It is like accusing the Irish Countrywomans’ Association of being sexist.
    Re T Blair being denied communion – it stands to reason that if you are not a fully paid up member of a club you cannot use the club’s full facilities.But if he does convert he will not be expelled for revisiting his old Anglican haunts.
    With reference to the ‘one true church’,obviously each domination believes their version of Christianity to be it purest encapsulation otherwise they would not be separate churches.
    As regards the general legacy of Orangeism what could be more apt than to look to the Bible for a yardstick:
    ‘By their fruits shall ye know them’
    However all will be changed utterly if and when someone has the moral courage to revise the OO constitution.