That is it. The end.

For anyone who is interested you can watch Tony’s last PMQ’s here, or read it here.

Now that he is in possession of his P45 in relation to his seat in the Commons he can get on with running the Chiltern Hundreds. Some of the other traditional perks should be coming his way too. Sir John Major had to wait seven years to be appointed to the Order of the Garter, as former PM’s invariably are (as I remember replacing Sir Edward Heath?). Tony, at least according to Wikipedia, can be appointed immediately as there is a vacancy. One of the other perks that USED to be offered to former residents of Number 10 was an Earldom, until Labour stopped giving out hereditary peerages in the 1970’s. I noticed a comment on Iain Dale’s blog (that I now can’t find) suggesting that Blair would now become Earl of Sedgefield. It’s possible I suppose.

  • Is it true that Thatcher turned down an Earldom because she felt she wasn’t rich enough?

  • Cruimh

    Far, Far better crack in the Daíl – Twenty Major
    has a link that includes Arthur Morgan being expelled and the house being suspended.

    I might just decide to support a United Ireland if this is what politics will be like!

  • Nevin

    FC link:

    Why can’t we have Stormont/Westminster days like this? 😉

  • Oilibhear Chromaill

    British so called honours have never had much value beyond the shores of Britain, though they seem to have had a price.

    Whatever bauble falls into Tony Blair’s lap, he will know, however, that its value even in Britain has been greatly diminished thanks to his own efforts.

    So give him a Duchy, an earldom or a Lardship….they’re going cheap in ASDA or Tesco!

  • Cruimh

    “British so called honours have never had much value beyond the shores of Britain,”

    You must be joking ? The yanks LOVE them.

  • foreign correspondent

    Some good digs at Blair in Newton Emerson´s column in the Irish Times today.
    I personally think another good reason for belonging to a small geopolitically insignificant country like the Irish Republic is that you are not tainted by association with murder-campaigns like the Iraq War. Will Blair sleep easily at night after all that slaughter? Unfortunately he probably will…

    Cruimh, I have also been looking at the Twenty Major blog recently but to tell you the truth I find it the kind of blog that leaves a bad taste in the mouth afterwards and not just because of the swearing. He and many of his posters have a very dubious sense of humour if you ask me.

  • Hogan from County Tyrone

    Anyone got a link to Newt’s column?

  • Oilibhear Chromaill

    Novelty value perhaps – like collecting beer mats on your travels.

  • Ginfizz


    “Novelty value perhaps – like collecting beer mats on your travels.”

    Fraid not, you must be thinking of appointment to the Irish Senate…..