That is it. The end.

For anyone who is interested you can watch Tony’s last PMQ’s here, or read it here.

Now that he is in possession of his P45 in relation to his seat in the Commons he can get on with running the Chiltern Hundreds. Some of the other traditional perks should be coming his way too. Sir John Major had to wait seven years to be appointed to the Order of the Garter, as former PM’s invariably are (as I remember replacing Sir Edward Heath?). Tony, at least according to Wikipedia, can be appointed immediately as there is a vacancy. One of the other perks that USED to be offered to former residents of Number 10 was an Earldom, until Labour stopped giving out hereditary peerages in the 1970’s. I noticed a comment on Iain Dale’s blog (that I now can’t find) suggesting that Blair would now become Earl of Sedgefield. It’s possible I suppose.