Paranoia, frenzy and rumours

Before he entered No.10 for the first time as Prime Minister Gordon Brown pledged a government of “all the talents“. It seems to have put the cat amongst with the opposition parties with Iain Dale claiming all sorts of wild rumours flying around (another here) and Guido pointing the finger. The paranoia was fed by Quentin Davies defection yesterday and Ed Balls’ comment last night that “There’s more to come – as I know“. The frenzy and wild rumours seem to have spread over the sheugh, a rumour is going round that Gordon Brown had a plan B after the Ashdown rebuff for the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland position,……Baron Trimble of Lisnagarvey?!?

Two jumps of party allegiance in such a short time makes this seem incredible. Although it would be a quick and significant fulfilment of his stated aim “to be more involved in national politics“.

  • jone

    We know Brown doesn’t give a tinkers cuss for this place but surely he wouldn’t have considered anything so moronic as bringing Trimble back from the House of the Living Dead to piss of EVERYBODY involved in the new dispensation. Surely?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    The best part about the rumour is that Trimble (allegedly) ASKED for the post after Ashdown turned it down!!!

    Course, he wouldn’t actually have to change party, FD, any more than Paddy A would’ve.

  • BonarLaw

    I’m not claiming any special insight but…

  • Cato

    This has to be balls. I’ve heard it’ll be a relative nonetity like Geoff Hoon. Nevertheless, is there that much difference between DT being SoS for NI and Douglas Alexander being SoS for Scotland?

  • Comrade Stalin

    There’s all sorts of stuff flying about, someone on Channel 4 news mentioned something about Chris Patten coming back as foreign secretary. Not that having a saner soul at the helm at the Foreign Office would be a bad thing ..

  • Dev

    Yeah, apparently Shirley Williams is to get some kind of non-ministerial position, I suppose bringing in the likes of her or Patton is a good way to demonstrate how Brown represents a fresh new kind of politics, of course it could all just be Tony-style spin.