Closure on the past – redux

Today’s announcement by the PPS – PPS press notice [pdf file] and statement by the DPP [pdf file] – also noted here, and the reports that the Secretary of State for Wales, etc, Peter Hain [Goodbye Peter – Ed] has denied there had been any political interference in the decision reminded me of a previous statement of the government’s position by the same Secretary of State – “Closure on the past cannot be one-sided”. Not that I’m suggesting that there is more than one indicator, from more than one source, of an amnesiacs’ deal being put in place while the rest of us will, eventually, be subjected to a period of public therapy.. Not that that’s what I’m suggesting at all..

  • Briso

    Pete, at the risk of playing man and not ball, can I say that that is the most convoluted, nonsensical sentence you have ever written. I’m sure you have a point in there somewhere…

    By the way, after the word ‘one’, use the singular form of the noun: ‘is more than one indicator’,’one source’.

  • Pete Baker

    Everyone’s a critic..

    Grammar corrected.

  • Briso

    Posted by Pete Baker on Jun 26, 2007 @ 10:09 AM
    >Grammar corrected.

    Errrmmm, almost..

    ‘is more than one indicator’


  • Pete Baker