No deal on Whiterock

Whatever the new relationships or not at Stormont, no agreement has been reached on the Whiterock parade and the Parades Commission has issued a determination (Full decision here word doc). The conditions are similar to last year but residents group spokesperson Sean ‘Spike’ Murray said the decision is:

“…a victory for the Orange Order”

This is the second Belfast parade route that lengthy dialogue has failed to achieve a deal this year. Unlike last year, there is no local agreement on evening parades on the Crumlin Road. Although, the Tour of the North evening parade passed off without incident.

  • Yokel

    Clearly the government roadbuilding programme in North & West Belfast designed to provide a convenient diverts for the Orange Order havent quite done the trick…..

    Well done Spike for keeping the rhetoric cool..or maybe that deliberate. Maybe him and yer man Duddy have worked out a joint media plan…

    Anyway there’s always the usual review, reversal, court….another review…

  • Dawkins

    What a colossal waste of taxpayers’ money these ridiculous displays are!

    I’ve just been picking over the debate re Garvaghy Road on another thread, and am also struck by the waste of brainpower the arguments generate.

    Someone on that thread asked “who could be upset by dignified people holding a church parade?” He concluded that “the correct answer is no-one.”

    Well, he’s wrong. As an atheist I strongly object to this annual display of sectarianism. I object to the roads and streets my taxes pay for being denied to me not for one day a year but for scores of days. By all means have your marches but do it a couple of times and get it over with!

    Each year I have to sit fuming in my car as I’m diverted down byways by cops (whose time is also being wasted) while going about my business. How many other businesspeeps are inconvenienced by all this? And by what warrant do the OO think they have the right to do so?

    Look, chaps, you may call them “religious processions” or “solemn church occasions”. Fair enough, but in reality they’re celebrations of mass human sacrifice made in the 17th century to a sungod. The rest is decoration.

    I wonder how you’d feel if atheists banded together and held 3000 marches each year across NI, celebrating Einstein’s publishing of his theory of relativity, blocking traffic and messing up the summer.

  • circles

    Atheism is one of the fastest growing religions around it seems ever since the great non-prophet Dawkins spaketh unto the masses in the arbitrarily numbered year 2006.
    I wonder where all these closet atheists were up to then.
    And i wonder if those orange fellas wouldn’t just catch themselves on and dander down their own streets. I mean c’mon now boys, its not big and its not clever and we all know the routes have bog all to do with tradition, they really don’t. For the love of Dawkins pack it in will yiz?

  • Dawkins


    “I wonder where all these closet atheists were up to then.”

    They were keeping their mouths shut in case the religious nuts were offended by sanity, and wished to barbecue them in propitiating their sungod.

    “For the love of Dawkins pack it in will yiz?”

    Thanks, mate. But better to pack it in for love of others. It’s a shame that these marchers still haven’t learnt a basic truth. It’s not hard either and it’s this:

    Happiness comes of making others happy.

    Ever noticed how the members of the OO are such an unsmiling, dour lot? They ain’t happy; it’s that simple. And why ain’t they happy? Because they begrudge their neighbours happiness.

    Where else but in Ireland (NI especially) would one hear so often the statement, “I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction…”?

  • Perhaps in these post-peace and happiness times, the Orange Order’s problem isn’t what Taigs in North and West Belfast think about it, but what Prods in Bangor think about it. Dawkins isn’t the only person who I hear complaining about the Order from a far from nationalist perspective.

  • vladimir

    Looks like its talk and talk instead of walk.

  • frank

    If its no deal, i presume the Shankill butcher will be back with his orange order/uvf banner, leading his terrorist lodge and terrorist supporting band.

  • CTN

    Agree with Sammy a lot of prods aint too happy with the order- especially in Bangor were a riot between 2 groupings overspilled onto the train bringing them home to Belfast. The train had to be stopped and passengers were disembarked by PSNI officers then transferred to buses only- 2 months ago.

  • CTN

    May I add for the benefit of southern bloggers, Bangor is a unionist town and this was an inter-prod battle- not a taig in sight!

  • Pounder

    I’ve asked it before and I’ll ask it again. Why does the Order demand to walk down roads where they aren’t wanted or welcome? Even in my pre-athiest days when I was a member of the Order I asked this very question and was met by much ranting and spluttering but no real answer, because the answer is plainly “to stick it up the fennians” The Orange Order is by it’s very nature offensive and sectarian.

    It reminds me of a banner on an as yet unpainted over paramilitary mural on the Newtownards Road something alone the lines of “For those who love our music and culture we will play loud, for those who protest against it we will play it louder”. That entire statement tell you buckletloads about the mindset of the Order and their marching bands.

    I miss the days of the Old Regal Accordian band, nothing sectarian about the Hokey Kokey, I think.

  • CTN

    Yawn enough said on this topic- goodnight from me…