Ireland back at Stormont

After yesterday’s delayed defeat by India, the Ireland cricket team face South Africa in the second one day international in a series of five. And after a rain delay, Ireland won the toss and put South Africa into bat.. where they made 173 for 4 off 31 overs. It’s a tough ask, but the opening partnership of Porterfield and Carroll have made a good start, with 43 runs off the first 8 overs. Meanwhile Ireland’s captain Trent Johnson is calling for professional contracts for the players to build on their World Cup performance. Images from the game. Scorecard here and over by over here After the good start, a minor collapse.. Ireland make 131 all out from 30.5 overs. South Africa, unsurpisingly, win comfortably.


  • USA

    Face it Pete Baker,
    Cricket is a stupid limey game and nobody cares. Give OVER (pun intended).

  • Donnacha

    AS opposed to baseball, a stupid seppo game and nobody cares…..What’s your point?

  • USA

    I don’t quite know the meaning of “seppo” but I do agree that baseball is a stupid game.
    Having said that, the stadiums are regularly filled with tens of thousands of fans. Wheras cricket in Ireland probably has ten fans. Perhaps some folks need to adopt ENGLISH habits in order to feel British.
    I’m not exposed to your pro British media as much, so I am not as conditioned as some Anglo Irish types, I naturally see things from a different perspective.
    I also feel snooker on TV is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. BORING….get some new channels.

  • USA

    Oh wait…
    Watching fat smokers and alcoholics throw darts is not exactly good TV either.

  • Donnacha

    USA, seppo=septic tank=Yank. As for crowds, well, I’m sure they don’t exactly have to call in the riot squad for Irieland matches, but I fail to see how playing cricket equates to adopting English habits. Here in NZ people play it for pleasure, not to touch the aprob strings of Mother England. Same in Australia, the West Indies, South Africa, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It’s a GAME, not an ideology.

  • USA

    To me cricket is a very English game.
    I do agree that it is a game and not an ideology, indeed it is a game that no one cares about in “the wee six” or any other part of Ireland for that matter.
    Okay the Irish team performed well in a recent competition and should be given due respect etc. But it is still true that no one cares about the game apart from a few Anglo Irish types who do indeed wish to touch the apron strings of mother England.

  • Turgon


    That is a bit unfair. Cricket was and I think still is played in most state grammer schools. I enjoyed it as unlike rugby being small and weedy was less of a liability. For a minority sport it is fairly well followed in both Northern Ireland and RoI, and not by anglo irish types.

    On mainland UK Angus Fraser one of the best bowlers from 10 years ago was very Scottish. Geriant Jones was Welsh, Kevin Peterson is (lets be honest South African). I understand there is a sterotype but that is rather unfair, like the one that it is all very civilised. Try standing there when a bloke lobs a cricket ball at you.

  • USA

    I have seen people practicing at an indoor facility in England and yes those cricket balls do come in at an alarming pace.
    Sorry if I am being unfair, you are probably right, its more Pete Baker and his tiresome postings that bother me.
    I must be grumpy today because your use of the term “mainland” also bothers me.
    I was on Innis Mann and looked across to the “mainland” and saw Co Galway; I was on Rathlin Island and looked across to the “mainland” and saw Co Antrim.
    Ireland is the mainland.

  • Pete Baker

    “its more Pete Baker and his tiresome postings that bother me.”

    It shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that I’m not blogging to please you – or anyone else for that matter. I blog what I find interesting. If you don’t like it either scroll down or go elsewhere.

    “Ireland is the mainland.”

    Ireland is one of the larger islands in the archipelago.

  • Donnacha

    USA, I’m not some misty eyed southern Unionist longing for reconciliation in the bosom of the UK, far from it. But I love my cricket and I don’t particularly care what others believe it to be. And it is still a popular sport in North Wexford, hardly a bastion of unionism. Anyway, it’s only a game….

  • USA

    Pete Baker,
    I understand you are not blogging to please me, nor should you. I just find it very annoying that you always have to work in some kind of pro Union slant to your posts. Its a shame as you are obviously intelligent and it negates from your position. Open your eyes and try to see the world as others might see it. I will try and do the same regarding cricket and snooker.
    I like the use of archipelago for its neutrality but I forsee some problems.
    PS..I’m in bed sick today which may explain why i’m grumpy.

  • Pete Baker

    “I just find it very annoying that you always have to work in some kind of pro Union slant to your posts.”

    I suggest you re-read my posts when you’re not in bed sick.. and try to pin-point the alleged “pro-Union slant.”

  • USA

    Why don’t you re-read some of them, i’m trying to get better.

  • parcifal

    Peteb would you like to see an end to partition?

  • USa

    “When i’m NOT sick in bed”. Okay, if I have the time I will try and do that Mr. Baker, in the meantime why don’t you have a review.

  • parcifal

    peteb its alway the simple questions that cause you the most problems. I wonder why?

  • Pete Baker

    When will you learn, parci?

    It’s the irrelevant questions – the ones which assume an agenda actually exists – that get ignored.

  • parcifal

    yer but pete why aren’t we allowed to know, given you are one of the most prolific posters on Sluggers.

    Probably the most important question too.

    You never know it might open up other avenues.

    would it help to ask it on the partition thread you’ve kindly flagged up for us?

  • Pete Baker

    “Probably the most important question too.”

    To you.

    I realise you don’t get it, parci.

    But I don’t look at any of the issues – that look interesting to me – on the basis of whether or not they promote partition.

  • Donnacha

    Perhaps if the Irish team was allowed to partition the opposition’s innings, it might make for a more attractive game, or at least a more ahievable run-chase. Let the Saffers and the Indians blaze away and then set the Irish total at, say, 26/32nds of that total (or if it’s too tall an order, perhaps 6/32nds of the total….)

  • parcifal

    peteb, its only a question , the answer to which defines which side of the fence an irishman is on.
    Its as fundamental as asking
    Were you in favour of the Iraq Invasion?

    Easier to get into Fort Knox, than get a yes no outa you me ol mucker … lol

    You know I’ll break in one day, its just a matter of time.
    What will I find? Will I be disappointed.
    Is there anything there ???
    I’m your huckleberry 🙂

  • DK

    I’ll translate parci’s post for you pete:

    “Are you a prod?”

  • Suilven


    ‘On mainland UK Angus Fraser one of the best bowlers from 10 years ago was very Scottish. Geriant Jones was Welsh, Kevin Peterson is (lets be honest South African).’

    Erm, pedantic points I know, but Angus Fraser was very English (born in Lancashire, I believe), despite the Scottish name. Geraint Jones is even exotic, born in Papua New Guinea, raised in Australia, and qualifying for England via his Welsh parents(!). That said, many Welsh, Scottish and Irish (North & south) players have turned out for England – including the our own legendary(?)Marty McCague.