Ireland take on India at Stormont

Stormont will be put to good use today.. provided the rain holds off. The Ireland cricket team take on India in a one-day international. Live coverage via the usual suspects. India won the toss and put Ireland in to bat. Ireland made 193 all out from the full 50 overs. Rain delay. Adds Some photos Update Duckworth-Lewis applied. India require 171 from 39 overs. India win 172 for 1 from 35 overs. But why wasn’t the weekend club cricket schedule cleared?


  • merrie

    The run rate is so low I doubt India will have much trouble winning in a few overs.

    Especially if rain stops play.

  • merrie

    Here we have a one day friendly at test level – and look at the interest from the Irish bloggers on Slugger!

    Ah well, Ireland all out for 193. Not the highest score in a one-day match, but reasonable. Maybe the Irish bowlers can do wonders against the Indian batsmen (I doubt it).

    Does it look as if it might rain in Belfast this afternoon?

  • merrie

    Just noticed your line about the rain delay, Pete.

  • Pete Baker

    I don’t know how long the delay will be, merrie.

    But I wouldn’t be too harsh about the lack of comments. There doesn’t seem to be many people about today. ;o)

  • darth rumsfeld

    I was at Stormont yesterday with about 500 irish supporters and the same again for India. They said this was the most watched sporting event involving Ireland, with huge tv audience in the sub-continent. Well if it was, then what an embarassment.

    Apparently 3000 tickets were sold but because of local fixtures and cup replays the crowd was miniscule. Not a great surprise with tickets at £35, programmes £5, beer £3 a pint. The Irish crowd had all the enthusiasm of a wet haddock, while the Indians performed valiantly at getting an atmosphere. The weather didn’t help of course, but what cricket we saw was quite good-Ireland not disgraced but never threatening to build up a big score, while India’s class players showed flashes.

    Unfortunately… we didn’t see the Indian innings after waiting for two hours in the showers we sloped off to the Stormont Hotel. But we did see the great Tendulkar…er bowl(?) and take a wicket, but he was out for 4 anyway.

  • I wonder…

    The beer wasnt a bad price, but £35?
    Van at Warrenpoint was only £40! 🙂

  • esmereldavillalobos


    I had near sightscreen seats for myself and Mrs lobos at Old Trafford for Sunday’s play in the recent test match for £30 a head, programmes £4 – Monday’s play (albeit a session and a half) was a tenner. Some organisers need their heads examining – I mean I know they’re short of cash but to try and promote a minority sport like this beggars belief, get the ground full! Remember ICC CWC 2007? Empty grounds ’cause tickets were too expensive? Catch on guys, please.

    I’d imagine that the ackee and saltfish and goat curry in Manchester was more interesting than the fare served up at Stormont as well (“Breakfast bap, anyone?”).

    Was playing on Saturday (washed out) and busy today so no time for watching (or commenting for that matter, sorry Pete 🙂 ) but these results were hardly shocking or surprising. Injury, unavailability and retirements lead to a fragmenting side. Trent is correct in assessing that the national squad need some sort of retainer to enable them to concentrate on their cricket rather than practice for 2 or 3 hours a few days before the game. We need to invest and take some risks to enable progression or even just consolidation after a fantastic world cup. Winning the odd county game shouldn’t be out of the question – maybe try and persuade Ed to come back? 😉