Who said it..?

“I am delighted that Paddy Ashdown has agreed to undertake this important role in Northern Ireland. Lord Ashdown brings a huge amount of experience in conflict resolution with him and is highly regarded both nationally and internationally… He has an excellent understanding of the issues that affect Northern Ireland and his work starts at a time when the historic agreement reached between the DUP and Sinn Fein has moved the political process on to a new era. I believe that… Paddy Ashdown, will bring a great deal of expertise and credibility to this work.” Answer below the fold.Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain, accidentally recommending to the man he spent the last year Brown-nosing that he should appoint a politician from another party to take his own job.

Oh dear.

Paisley thinks Hain will he gone by next week; it’s clear the next Prime Minister wants someone else in Hain’s job – anyone else. Even someone who he knows doesn’t want the job. Brown is using Hain to test the Lib Dems – the question is, will he reward the loyal fool with a decent Cabinet position?

PS: Peter Hain is currently at least 70/1 to be the next deputy Labour leader.