A ringing endorsement then..

Former US President Jimmy Carter has stated, “I would say that the Irish Government has become the pre-eminent voice for human rights in the European Union.” – just after the Irish Government gave his Carter Centre [which has its critics – Ed] €600,000 to add to the previous donations of €50,000 in 2005 and €70,000 in 2006. RTÉ points out the latest funds will be paid over three years. A report yesterday noted the comments from an Irish Aid spokesman.

A spokesman added: “The Carter Centre is the only non-governmental organisation that Irish Aid supports in this area. This initiative is in line with our move to provide strategic funding multi-annual support for our key partners. The organisation is however, very reliant on former President Carter and his reputation.”

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  • Cruimh
  • juan

    cruimh is clearly Mad :> from now on im posting as ‘edwardo’ on here.

    Jimmy endorsed several questionable groups and states in the middle east in similar circumstances. He really is a shameless paid piper and his endorsments dont count for much outside your pocket book.

  • joeCanuck

    So there were no rendition flights then
    That QC mentioned earlier might consider contacting Carter’s gag writer.

  • Pink Lobster

    Well spoted. Anyway, to what extent is non-governmental an organisation that receives governmental funds…

  • I recall Jimbo endorsing Hamas. What good judgement he has. For a peanut.

  • Gréagóir O’ Fráinclín


    A bit on this about Nordy Iron. Is it true or all lies?

  • Gum

    Carter has the guts to speak out against human rights abuses carried out in the name of the ‘war on terror’. He gets a lot of flack but my money is on his interpretation of current events being the version supported by most historians in 50 years.