So where does that money go?

Iain Dale picks up on this story about the tussle between the Information Commissioner and the HoC authorities over incidental expenses to cover London accommodation for MPs. That FoI request might be interesting.

  • Frank Sinistra

    Why don’t you ask Lady Sylvia and get back to us.

    Funny how this is a concern once the UUP are rejected by voters.


    Sorry, they aren’t paying for your big house any more. Slap it up ye.

  • joeCanuck

    Indeed Michael.
    I don’t have any problem with a M.P. having additional expenses covered by the public purse, but, when it comes to milking the system by, for example, a couple, I don’t have any problem with that being exposed to public scrutiny.

  • Michael Shilliday

    You may say that Joe, I couldn’t possibly comment.

  • Cruimh

    MPs work hard, they deserve a few perks.

  • MPs work hard

    Actually there’s quite a broad range, with those who work every available day to those who refuse to even step inside the Commons but yet have no hesitation in claiming 50k each…

  • Turgon


    I am not entirely sold on MPs work hard. Yes I suspect many do but as FYU points out not all.

    It is also a bit annoying that they seem to be about the only public servants who award themselves their own pay rises. Quite a number of them manage to maintain business interests as well as far as I can see.

    Yes they travel a lot with work but lots of people commute a lot and don not get anything like the travelling expenses they seem to.

    Yes they work late but I also suspect a lot of that time is spent sitting about discussing things. Kind of like us except in person not on computers and of course they do get paid for it.

  • Cruimh

    FYU and Turgon – I wasn’t being entirely serious 😉

    But I’ll say this FYU – the 50K for SF MPs is money well spent – it has them hooked into the system – you think they wil ever want to go back to being outlaws?

    Terenece O’Neill was one wiley old bird – I reckon even Paisley got round to thinking on what he said in 1969.

    “It is frightfully hard to explain to Protestants that if you give Roman Catholics a good job and a good house, they will live like Protestants … they will refuse to have 18 children…. If you treat Roman Catholics with due consideration and kindness, they will live like Protestants in spite of the authoritative nature of their Church.”

  • Tiny

    If it costs ‘x’ amount for one MP to provide himself (or herself) with accomadation in London, why does it cost a married couple ‘x’ x2?