Twittering from the Greens

Via Irish Election. There’s an interesting twittering which seems to be coming from inside the Green Party conference.

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  • All due respect, I broke the story 2 hours ago, but IrishElection doesn’t like

  • Pete Baker


    I can only cite where I saw the twittering.

  • Not an attack Pete, just a clarification, all these bloggers can read eachothers stuff and credit eachother, but in particularly breaks its’ back to get proper news before anyone else (traditional media) yet the overwhelming majority of bloggers, despite reading the site, will rarely ever give credit where credit is due.

  • Pete Baker


    It wasn’t taken as an attack. Honestly. I was just clarifying where I saw the twittering.

    The problem is that IrishElections don’t time-stamp their posts.. but I can only see the twittering noted at after a 9pm update.

  • That’s a fair point – always timestamps everything to ensure people know when things were said.

    Anyways, must get ready for my newstalk piece.

  • First mention of Twitter inside the convention anywhere is on my blog:

    That’s 7.04pm

    2 hours before mentions it. Your post mentions Twitter after a 9pm update and in fact even the original post of yours (which did not mention Twitter) was 9 minutes after the Twitter was mentioned on my blog. Timestamp: Wed Jun 13, 2007 7:13 pm

  • Frank Sinistra

    Damien, sent me a twitter at 1919 telling me Trevor was going. I was keeping an eye on most of the sites all evening and David had the scoop long before anyone else.

  • Ooooh right. Didn’t realise that this was a post about Sargent going. Thought this was about updates via twitter from the Green Convention. My mistake.