Working through lunch…

Greens and FF working through lunch and into the afternoon… It must be serious… Of all the comment the most apt advice was given on Morning Ireland this morning from former PD advisor Stephen Byrnes: stay close to your core competence. In other words keep it environment, environment, environment… “They [the Greens] may be missing their focus if they bring in a very large shopping list… The absence of the Progressive Democrats from a senior economic ministry and the fact the party’s core competences are in things like tax reform, employment creation, more competition in the market place, I think that when you leave a core area competence you risk losing some support”.

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  • Yokel

    Bertie seems to want to keep the PDs in.

    The question is: Are the Greens looking them out or are they willing to have them in?

    I’d be careful of being too confident on calling this as yet. The Greens apparently have their list that they know they’ll need for their membership to bite come Sunday. We wait to see how much of this list they could get. If they don’t get near it they probably won’t even bother trying to persuade their membership.

  • páid

    It’s approaching the moment of truth for the Greens.

    Politics is the art of the possible so they can forget about ending the Shannon-Iraq flights.

    They’d want to get real about hospital co-location also. Or is it suddenly an article of faith for environmentalists? It’s a lefty whinge, get over it.

    If they reroute the M3, tighten up on planning, and get part State funding of political parties, they should give the coalition 2 years.

    But I have my doubts whether two thirds of their flaky members would agree what time of day it is.

  • Yokel

    I think we’ll know decisively tonight what way the tide is on this.

  • pondersomething

    Well if they can’t close Shannon to the US murder machine, if they can’t put a stop to the entrenchment of two-tier health care and if they can’t stand up to tax giveaways to the rich – then what on earth is the point of being in government?

    My guess is that if the GP negotiators do put expediency ahead of principle on this one that their party grassroots will soon set them straight.

    In particular, having been on anti-war protests side-by-side with Green members these past years if they can’t put a stop to the use of Shannon airport by American war criminals then I will never ever vote Green again.