4,000 responses to Irish Language legislation…

The Newsletter reports up to 4,000 responses from the public to proposed legislation on the Irish langauge. In a previous round of consultation, most of it favourable, and very little from unionist objectors.

In a previous round of consultation, the department received 688 letters, 1,376 postcards and a petition signed by 2,500 people. It found 93 per cent of respondents in favour of the legislation – as unionists failed to voice opposition in any significant number.

They later report that that pattern is expected to remain the same for this latest consultation.

In the meantime, Francie Brolly has complained that although he can put oral questions to ministers within the chamber of the Assembly in Irish, the same does not apply to written questions. According to the Newsletter, “there are also not the resources to embark on such translation”.

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