Strange bedfellows in Ballymena…

IT was reported in the Tele (not online) how the new power-sharing arrangement in Ballymena managed two unite political enemies in the voting. No, not the DUP and SDLP, but Continuity DUP (ie, those hardliners who recently resigned from the party) and Sinn Fein, neither of whom would vote for Maurice Mills for Mayor and PJ McAvoy for his Deputy. Former rugby player and ex-DUP councillor Davy Tweed – who used to stand for the Irish national anthem when he played for Ireland – voted for the UUP’s James Currie, as he was “less of a traitor” than the DUP. Funnily enough, when Davy was mingling with loyalist terrorists at the anti-Catholic Harryville protest ,which Currie bravely took a stand again, Currie was a hate figure for Tweed.

  • interested

    An unholy alliance perhaps…..

    I think yesterday morning on Nolan just about summed it up.

  • Token Dissent

    Strange days indeed. The recent council debates in Ballymena have been extraordinary, with men like Stirling and (to a degree) Tweed affectively apologising to the pro-Agreement UUP for making their lives hell for 10+ years.

    With regard to Tweed, his role at Harryville was a disgrace, but more importantly his ridiculous position on the Irish language and power-sharing highlights just how extreme and dangerous his views still are. If I was Currie I wouldn’t accept any praise from this man.

  • Ian

    Wasn’t it Cllr Maurice Mills who claimed that Hurricane Katrina had been visited upon New Orleans by an angry God in pubishment for their homosexual ways?

    And he’s one of the more ‘reasonable’ members of the DUP in Ballymena?!?

  • Sam Hanna

    With respect to the Irish Anthem – this was a disgraceful act of IRA triumphalism foisted on Northern Unionists at a time when they were being murdered by the IRA. There was and is no “parity of esteem” in Free State bigots.

    It is amazing that Tweed, Mills et al are portrayed as bigots yet they never murdered anyone. I would be more concerned about the 26% of the Ulster Population that voted for murderers to be in Government that the religious views of Maurice Mills. Catholics in Northern Ireland have no right for the next 300 year sto lecture anyone on prejudice of human rights!

  • myselfalone

    I thought the ballot in Ballymena was secret. How can it be said with certainty who Digney voted for?

  • snakebrain

    “It’s amazing that Tweed, Mills et al are portrayed as bigots yet they never murdered anyone”

    Interesting working definition of bigot you’re using there.

    I had the misfortune to grow up in Ballymena and can confirm that those two are through and through bigots.

  • Bill
  • Gonzo

    It is amazing that Tweed, Mills et al are portrayed as bigots yet they never murdered anyone.

    Maybe not, but they had no problem associating with terrorists.

  • Daithí

    Unionists in Ballymena Council will have to accept Bobby Sands sacrificed his life for all the people of Ireland, straight, gay and trans-gender. The Unionist Irish will have to accept this, there’s no other way. The Hunger-strike is a valuable part of history in the 6 counties to bring about a society of equals. Homosexuality is no different and has to be taught at a young age, even in Ballymena the bible belt capital.

    No parent has the right to bring up their children into a modern Ireland with preconceptions against Irish Republicanism or homosexuality. It just won’t happen in modern Ireland and it certainly won’t happen in modern Ballymena!

    Ireland of equals


  • Valenciano

    Gonzo, I hardly see that that makes news. The Sunningdale agreement united the provos and the DUP against it and until recently the shinners and BNP would both vote against many of the EU measures. Hardly makes them “bedfellows.”

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Yeah, but for Tweed to vote for a man he despised as a “traitor” definitely is news. Especially when he now considers the DUP as “traitors”.

    Bit of a big child, politically, no?

    It’s certainly news that the DUP is prepared to support the SDLP in Ballymena regardless.

  • observer

    The Hunger-strike is a valuable part of history in the 6 counties to bring about a society of equals

    LOL , sands died as a dirty, shit covered, terrorist who hated protestants with a venom.

    The man was so much for equality he set off one day to butcher as many prods as he could.

    The only equality he wanted was to kill all protestants.

  • myselfalone

    Bit of a big child, politically, no?

    Davy is not such a big child politically, its just the chap has no politics, only hatred of anything any shade of green.
    Did he not complain about the colour of the grass in Lansdown?
    His only meaningful contribution to life in Ballymena was to campaign for a pharmacy in Ballykeel.A exellent idea, and a much needed service. That was on the back of speaking notes from his former party. The chap just would not have a clue on his own. I would say with the parading dispute hotting up in Ballymena, its his only chance to make his mark before the super council elections.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Off the point a fair bit, but why isn’t Tweed involved in local rugby around Ballymena. He was playing occasionally for Ards last year and before that he played for Omagh. It can’t be cash cos he must be in his late 40s at this stage – he was in his mid 30s when he played for Irealnd a few times in the 90s.