Minority ethnic PSNI under-representation raised

There are only 24 officers from minority ethnic communities in the PSNI, a further 11 officers are needed to match the 2001 census figures for MEC’s. The 2001 figures are considered by many to significantly underestimate the size of the longstanding communities and do not take account of the recent large scale migrations. It was also revealed, regardless of republican objections to the idea, the Polish applicants for PSNI posts did not fare well because of language and ‘familiarity’ with policing procedures.

  • Sam Hanna

    Why are Fundamentalist Christians not treated as a minority?

  • Maggot

    Sam – the same question could be asked about the various denominations such as Methodist, Presbyterian and C of I.

  • middle-class taig

    Sam Hanna

    “Why are Fundamentalist Christians not treated as a minority?”

    The issue hasn’t arisen. None of them have passed the aptitude test.

  • Prince Eoghan


    Why are Fundamentalist Christians not treated as a minority?
    Posted by Sam Hanna on Jun 06, 2007 @ 06:37 PM

    I think they are just treated!

  • GPJ

    Join the PSNI, its hard enough being Black with out that added burden !!

  • I Wonder

    One can only assume that fundamentalists would have a crisis of conscience in doing their job.

    The urge to stone someone eating Tayto prawn cocktail crisps would presumably be irresistible. 🙂 Could the tolerance of seafood eating be the real reason why certain extreme unionists detest the PSNI?