Enniskillen, home of the parking ticket…

IF you’re going to park your car illegally, for God’s sake don’t do it in Enniskillen. The BBC reports that Northern Ireland’s most prolific traffic warden has given out 2,590 tickets – 1,000 more parking tickets than any other. To rub it in, the town is also home to the second ‘busiest’ warden.

  • I parked along the street in Enniskillen the other week and saw a traffic warden prowling around (probably one of the ones you mention) so walked up to him and asked him directly if it was ok to park where I had just so I could have an ‘insurance policy’ if they decided to slap a ticket on my windscreen once I’d walked off.

  • BonarLaw

    It seems to be a fair cop- as far as I can tell no Enniskillen ticket has been appealed all the way by any disgruntled driver.

  • And just to add to the above… the wardens are the most ignorant obnoxious people you will ever have the displeasure of meeting.

    I was warned a couple weeks back that I parked illegally yet I insisted that the road had a single line and has been used for parking for years, anyone concerned it’s the road directly behind Woolworths. Everyday now they are issuing dozens of tickets on this 100 foot road. Any measures taken to warn the public, a No Parking sign, even a simple double line? Nope

    Another fetish the Enniskillen wardens have if you are touching the white line in a car park… 30 quid fine, whether or not its on the inside of that particular space. Oh and then out come the cameras. They actually go out looking for problems. If you are touching the white line in town, 30 quid fine, bearing in mind the upper street is easily wide enough for two lanes of traffic.

    The smugness of these two particular wardens is disgusting.

    They are never seen in certain areas leading into town were there is genuine traffic problems and yet they comb the car parks for tickets 2 minutes out of time.

    Oh and then finally, couple days back, someone pulls up with about 3ft into an empty loading bay, up comes this ‘prolific’ warden, driver gets out and they obviously new each other well, did he get a fine like everyone else? Nope warden and driver walked off happily. Ten minutes later that particular car was still there, and still no fine. Abuse of authority? Damn right it is.

    Enniskillen is a hole at the minute, the cock up Tesco’s are creating in regards removing the main roundabout in town, mixed with the intolerable parking system means people just can’t be assed anymore.

    I wonder how many complaints it will take to take these two wardens down a peg?

    (btw this isn’t playing the man, as neither two names are mentioned)

  • BonarLaw


    but there have been NO appeals from any ticketed motorists in Enniskillen- if what you say is true surely everyone would be challenging this “abuse of authority”?

  • McGrath

    2590 Tickets in about 7.5 months from this zealous chap. 7.5 months is about 150 (or so) working days or about 1200 working hours, so that one ticket about every 30 minutes. (Granted, I doubt he actually put in that many hours)

    At the other end of the spectrum, another chap in Portadown has issued 838 tickets. Assuming both have put in the same amount of hours, this chap is writing a ticket once every 1.5 hours.

    If I were employing these people, one ticket every 30 minutes would seem reasonable, the other guy would be in trouble.

  • BonarLaw,

    People aren’t going to make a fuss over 30 quid now are they.

    However there have been quite a few complaints, recently the local press covered a story regarding someone with a disability not being allowed to park in a disabled spot just because they had not yet received their badge, despite the fact that they had spoken to the warden.

    It’s not that people are denying they are parking illegally, its people often don’t know they are. If the proper services ie. lines and signs were in place it would lower the tickets being issued. I think this news story clearly shows us that despite their constant ticketing the problem is not getting any smaller.

    This summer will see another stark increase in tickets issued as tourists won’t realise that in parts a single line actually means a double.

    The fact that three town wardens all feature in the Top 10 tells us something…

    5000 fines, I’d like to know what the road service is doing with the money!

  • BonarLaw


    “People aren’t going to make a fuss over 30 quid now are they”

    Why the hell not? If someone took £30.00 of me for no good reason I’d make a fuss even write a letter or two.

  • As I said, people normally aren’t disputing their illegal parking but instead they are emphasizing the lack of clarity which led to them parking in that manner.

    And by a ‘fuss’ I meant taking the legal actions to dispute the fine.

  • Jamie Gargoyle

    Perhaps the reason people aren’t making a fuss about £30 (assuming the system is identical to the one here in England) is they would rather fork out a little and be done with it, rather than appeal in a system they suspect – rightly or wrongly – is skewed against them, and end up paying the full amount. £30 is the “settle immediately and give our heads peace” figure, the “take too long about paying, or drag your heels appealing and get knocked back” figure is £60.

  • BonarLaw


    I suspect you are right, but FYU was alleging “abuse of authority” which I would have thought required some challenge. As I understand it the victim of this “abuse of authority” can in the first case make representations to the DRD and then to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal. The fact that in a litigeous society like NI no Enniskillen ticket has been appealed to the TPT speaks volumes.

    Well done those Traffic Attendants!

  • but FYU was alleging “abuse of authority” which I would have thought required some challenge

    … as in people known to the wardens not getting tickets. Ask anyone in town about this and they’ll tell you, the wardens are ‘corrupt’ as hell. But then again you can’t go running to the DRD and complain that someone didn’t get a ticket!

  • BonarLaw


    “But then again you can’t go running to the DRD and complain that someone didn’t get a ticket!”

    You can if you did get a ticket when someone else parked in exactly the same spot didn’t.

    Google NPAS to see some of the English challenges to tickets.