Britain Day…

I WOULD love to know how Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly plans to explain ‘Britain Day’ to her hometown community in Limavady. But could it be the first time that unionists have enjoyed being lectured on ‘British values’ – whatever they are – by a member of Opus Dei?The BBC reported:

One of the ministers’ suggestions is for “good neighbour contracts” setting out rights and duties for all people new to the UK.

Young people could receive “citizens’ packs” when they come of age, setting out what is expected of adults.

These would give information on voter registration, volunteering opportunities and expectations of what they might be asked to undertake, such as jury service.

Other suggestions for how Britain Day might take shape, made in the pamphlet for the left-of-centre think tank the Fabian Society, include:

Celebrating civic values, local heritage and opportunities to get involved in local life

Holding local “citizenship ceremonies”

Celebrating and promoting voluntary work in communities

Showing a debt of gratitude to war veterans who helped to secure freedoms

The Queen’s state opening of Parliament speech could be followed by a “State of the Nation” address from the prime minister